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Chapter 56
John then got out a briefcase and said, “You know, I was planning to discuss something like this with Jeff. I knew that he had approved of my idea about no student predation being allowed. The guy said it had helped out the school’s finances because I kept the faculty and staff, as were as the students, from preying on those who came here. He said that I was a good influence for the school. God, I am going to miss that man. I mean there were times that I wanted to rip his head off and shove it up his ass. But, when it came to this school, if someone was threatening it, I’d probably be the first person to be at his side, to protect it, as well as the students. I mean, I truly love teaching them, even if I have to be harsh at times, but I would give up my life for them in a heartbeat, if it would keep them safe from harm.”

Then, he sighed, as he got out a couple of sheets of paper and handed one to each of the two teachers.

“Now, I know that these are a little rough,” he said. “But they are still well thought out and give plenty of explanations. For instance, Jackie, I will allow all the forms of sexually behavior to be taught, from normal and conventional sex, all the way up to those methods that I personally find a little, disturbing, as long as two things are followed, the first is, the minimal age of the student, or the other that they do it with, is sixteen, and that they have the other’s permission, and if that person changes their mind, to respect it. If you find out that the partner was under sixteen, or raped, fail that student, promptly, and send him or her to me. When the class starts up again, allow them to attend it, but, if they do it again, well, that person just became your personal sex toy, to do whatever you want to.”

“But, what if they don’t have sex with someone?” Jackie asked.

“Well, in that case," John said, with a smile. "Find out the reason. If it is because they couldn’t find a willing partner, well, if you, and/or your husband, don’t mind, one of you can help them out with that. If it is because of a religious belief, in which they should not have sex before marriage, or something like that, have them do an essay about the ways that one can have sex, and describe them, and that will do, because the point of sexual education is to educate one on sexual practices and methods, and writing a report will show you what they know, although they should list references as to where they got the information.”

“So, what about the age and the permission parts?" Jackie asked. "What do I do to make sure that the students will listen?”

“Simple," John said, with a grin. "Tell them that it is more, pleasurable, when one’s partner is willing, as they are not trying to fight the person off. As for the age, tell them that if they get an underage student pregnant, then it is their personal responsibility to make sure the baby grows to adulthood. If anything, I believe that that last one will make sure that they will listen, if only because of that.”

“So, what about my class, and how is it that I am to teach them things like rending and tearing their prey to pieces?” Rodger asked.

“Well, it’s like this Rodger," John said "If you’ve noticed, I don’t interfere when students are using techniques to capture live prey, as it were. While on school grounds, or when hunting those of school age, I will allow those techniques, even those that I personally find even more, disturbing, than some the sexual methods that your wife teachers as part of her class. As for those that involve prey being torn and whatnot, well, let me know ahead of time so that I can arrange a field trip to my land. Trust me when I say that there are more than enough things for them to kill, which are not sentient.

'However, they best keep an eye on each other. There are animals out there, which could kill them, if they fail to watch out. Even I, myself, have to watch out for those animals. There have been numerous times that I’ve had to fight wolves or bears that tried to hunt me.

'However, hunting a non-sentient animal is both safer, and far more difficult, than hunting a sentient being. One way it is safer is because the animals won’t be trying to lead one into an ambush, at least not on purpose, however, it is more difficult because you’d be competing with animals that kill other creatures, as well as even sentient beings, for food.

'Of course, I expect each kill to be turned over to me, so that I can make sure that those who work in the cafeteria will make them into lunches for the next day. Seriously, some of those cooks would be better off as the meal. Why, Jeff himself always suspected them of keeping the best cuts of meat for themselves. I mean, a pig-man wouldn’t eat the stuff that they make, and they will eat anything, including the table that held the food.

'However, if the students were given good tasting food, for breakfast, lunch, and even an early supper before they left school, it would give them a good reason to not go after their peers as if they were food. After all, if one eats food that has been prepared, as if it was for someone of royalty, and tastes unbelievable, they won’t bother to go after something that costs them more energy to capture and prepare, than it is to wait for a professional chef to serve a meal that tastes better than that person would have anyways.”

“So, let me get this straight," Rodger said, as he collected his thoughts. "You will let my students use live capture techniques on the other students, as long as they use the killing techniques on animals on your land, while at the same time, getting food for the students to eat the next day.”

“Yep, I’d just have to let my renters and construction workers that you are there to hunt for the class, as they tend to capture trespassers on my land,” John said.

“What do they do to them?” Rodger asked.

“Oh, nothing much, just hand them over to me, and, if they are young, and could learn not to repeat that mistake again, I whip them, and let them go. If it is someone older, with plenty of experience, at breaking and entry, I give them two choices, become a test subject for my wizard friend, or work for me, as a security consultant and tester," John said, with a smile. "The rule is this, if they get out of the house that they test, they tell me any flaws and they get paid extra, if they get caught, well, they have to be a servant of the renter, or renters, of that house, for the week, and do whatever it is that they tell them. About the only things that the renters are not allowed to do to them is to kill or eat them, but everything else goes, and I mean everything.

'Of course, I may give the workers and renters a few incentives to try and capture your students, so that they will work on their stealth capabilities, but not to worry, they won’t harm them, as those who work or live on my land have to sign a contract stating that they won’t eat other sentient beings, unless they want to get fired or kicked off of my land. Of course, there are some exceptions in which I will allow them to, like if their lives, or those of their loved ones, were in danger. Heck, I even allowed them to eat traveling salesmen and priests that don’t seem to realize that ‘No’ means ‘Leave before I decide to eat you’, but they don’t even do that even. If anything, they use them for personal reasons, and the next time that I see that person, they are running away, naked as the day that they were born.”

“Well, your proposal is understandable,” Rodger said, after some thinking. “And believe it or not, but I find it to be a very acceptable compromise, even though there are some things that need to be worked out further.”

“That’s understandable,” John said.

“And I also like the proposal you have for my class as well,” Jackie said. “If anything, it actually may increase the average grade for the class. Then again, I don’t like to fail students that didn’t have sex for some reason. I mean, it gets a little difficult to keep them after a while, and you won’t let us eat them, especially if they are in your class.”

“I know that,” John said. “That’s why I have another proposal, which I’d like you to tell the other teachers about. It is about your pay.”

At this, the pair began to breathe a little uneasily.

“Are you planning to cut our wages?” Rodger asked.

“No,” John said. “My proposal is far from it. I may actually increase your pay, as well as that of the other teachers, if they do two things.”

“And what are those?” Jackie asked.

“One, they are not to eat the students, for any reason. And two, they are not to rape them either,” John said, holding up two fingers. “Now, if they listen to those two things, they will have a bonus of eight percent added into their paychecks. If they keep it up for the entire year, that bonus becomes a permanent pay raise for them. They don’t follow those guidelines; they will not get a chance to get it again until this time next year. However, and, this one may be a little difficult for many to get, I will also add on an additional eight percent to those that don’t rape, or, as I call it, murder others, even if they don’t come to or work at this school. In fact, I may even add on a little extra here and there, if they protect others from those things.”

“Wouldn’t that upset people if our teachers started doing that?” Rodger asked.

At this, John smiled and asked, “Have you been watching the news lately?”

“Not really,” Jackie said. “All that’s been in it is you, your blood relatives, the Redbloods, how you beat them in a fight, and Jeff’s murder.”

“Well, then you may not have heard," John said. "But I hear that city hall is working on whether or not to pass a new law.”

“What law is that?” the couple asked.

“Oh, I’d call it a vegetarian’s dream come true," John said, with a smile. "A no predation allowed law.”

“What do you mean by a no predation law?” the pair asked.

“Simple," John said, as he leaned foreward. "In exchange for lower taxes, people will be encouraged to not prey on others. Those who do, or eat the meat of sentient beings, as opposed to non-sentient ones, will find themselves with higher taxes, to make up for the ones that the other would have paid.”

At this, Jackie and Rodger’s eyes bulged.

“Are you serious?” they asked in unison.

“Oh yah,” John said. “I saved a bunch of those guys’ relatives, as well as them themselves, last week. Well, one simple economics lesson later, I asked them if they would try to pass something like that into law. Since they are not under the control of a single family any more, they can actually see about doing things that help people out, like this law.”

“How would this law help people out?” the couple asked.

“That child of yours, the one that could be a human, would be able to walk down the streets, heading home from school, and not have to worry about getting eaten," John said, giving them something that they could posible relate to. "That means that eventually, your child will have a job, get married, and have children. Now, wouldn’t you support a law that could make that happen, even though you realized that you might have to give up eating what used to be your favorite food?”

At this, Jackie and Rodger looked at each other.

“Well, I wouldn’t want to pay higher taxes,” Rodger said, scratching his head.

“And I’d want to make sure that our baby would grow up,” Jackie said, lowering her eyes.

With that, the pair said, “Yes, we would.”

“Of course,” John said, “The law won’t make predation illegal, but it will discourage it, if it is passed.”

“Much like how most places don’t like it when people have hats on their heads,” Rodger said, with a light smile.

“Yah,” John said. “Though, I would appreciate it if you, and the other teachers, made sure that others were not wearing those hats, as it were.”

With that, John gave a light chuckle, and smile. “Now, make sure you tell the others, both about the ways the hunting and sexual education classes are to be handled from now on, and about the bonuses that they could get. Take care.”

“Thank you sir,” Rodger said, getting up.

“Thank you as well,” Jackie said, kissing John on the cheek.

“You better get going,” John said. “Jeff would kill me if he thought that I was cheating on his daughter. Oh, and congratulations on your anniversary next week. I hope that you guys have a lot of fun then.”

At this, the pair left, and John laid down to relax for a bit.
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