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Book version of my John Wolfstone story
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Chapter 57 The End (Or The Beginning?)
A few hours later, as John was walking home, carrying Julia, who was asleep, due to the effects of an accidently misaimed sleeping spell.

John looked at her and smiled.

“Well,” he said. “At least you can get some sleep. After a day like today, I feel like taking a nap myself.”

“You really do love her,” said Julia, who was walking beside John.

“Yah,” John said, leaning a little heavily on a cane James had just given him, causing it to whimper, as if in pain.

Janelle looked at it and said, “Don’t tell me, he’s that slave-catcher from earlier.”

“Yep,” John said. “The little cockroach thought that he could get away from James and Steve. Well, he didn’t. The two were trying to decide between placing him in molten lava or, burning him with the stomach acid of a dragon, when Clara reminded them of my predicament. Well, those two boys got the bright idea to pour an invulnerability potion down his throat, another all over his body, pour the stomach acid of a dragon down his throat, place him in molten lava, and then, turn him into a cane for me. However, even with the potions protecting him, he was still badly burned, both internally and externally. Well let me say this, if he wants to get healed up, and survive, he best hope that I don’t accidently say the words that will turn him back to human, because that would end the spell that is helping him to heal.”

“So, he has no choice but to rely on you,” Janelle said, as she shaked her head.

“Yah," John said, as he looked at her. "But he made the choice to come after me and the choice to tangle with those two, instead of surrendering. It’s like what my father said, he made his choices, and his choices made him.”

“And those made him into a cane for you,” Janelle said, as she gave him a certain accusing look.

“Well, it’s better than what Steve, or James, alone would have done," John said. "Clara though, is the reason he’s still alive, even if he’s stuck as a cane for the next few months.”

Then Janelle asked, “So what was it that you talked to the Blackcoats about?”

“Nothing much,” John said. “It was really just about how they were to run their classes from now on.”

“And, just how will they run their classes?” Janelle asked.

“I can’t really tell you,” he said. “However, if your students show up smelly, with their clothing looking as if they had been in a hurry to redress, or something like that, well know this, at least they made it to class. Also, when Mr. Blackcoat starts teaching his students certain hunting methods, they’ll be coming to our place to do that.”

“Why is that John?” Janell asked, with her arms crossed across her chest.

“Well, the moment they do that, you and I just might decide to try the cafeteria food," John said. "Because that is something that has to change.”

With that, John gave Janelle a kiss.

Suddenly, a scream is heard.

At this, John sighed and said, “Hold Julia for me. It seems that someone hasn’t been watching the news recently. People should know that this is my town.”

With that, John handed Julia and started limping as fast as he could to be where he had heard the scream.

When he got there, John saw a twenty foot dragon holding a young boy by his feet, about to drop him into its mouth, when John said, “Hey buddy, are you okay?”

“Oh I’m all right,” said the dragon. “Just let me enjoy my snack first and then I’ll talk to you.”

“Actually, it was the kid that I was talking to,” John said. “As for you, I’d advise that you place the kid on the ground and let him go.”

“And just who do you think you are to tell me what to do?” the dragon asked, turning around to face him.

John just smile evilly and said, “Your worst nightmare come to life.”

“Ha!” The dragon laughed. “Like a dragon like me is going to be afraid of a weak and crippled human.”

“Who said that I was a human?” asked John, as he grew a few feet taller than the dragon, and shifted into his werewolf form. “I know that I didn’t. However, know this, that boy is my student, which means, you are about to die, unless you let go, right now.”
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