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January 1st 2010
2010 ... a new year ... a clean slate.

2009 was a rough year for many of us. For some of us it is not over, but I pray it is on the path back. Our household is still a bit in limbo, but things are looking up. 2009 stumbled right off the start for us with my son breaking his arm Christmas day ... no insurance ... and then my husband and I's respective jobs cutting hours. Half the mortgage started coming off a credit card/overdraft protection and the CC interest rates started going thru the roof.

We tried talking to our mortgage company and credit cards alike but they don't like to help you when "you are not YET behind" regardless. By the end of March my husband was laid off. It was the first time in his life he drew unemployment and the first time in our 17 years of marriage I watched him struggle to find a job. Now officially "behind" we tried again ... no luck. Frustration and fear settled in until I refused to answer the phone and avoided the mail box like the plague.

I could only play ostrich for so long. Eventually I had to look around and make decisions for my family. The unemployment was coming to an end. How silly it seems to save money so you can declare you have no money and file bankruptcy. We did it. We made the decision that even when he found a job after 7 months... at little more than half his former hourly salary and an double the drive... we wern't going to be able to save our home. It was hard to tell our 12 year old son that we will have to move out of the only home he has ever known but we have a wonderful kid and he has stayed upbeat while we look for a place to rent.

Christmas was slim but I have to admit that there was a lot more emphasis on family and togetherness than there has been in the past and I really enjoyed that. December 28th was the last day creditors could file an objection to our BK so our discharge should be coming through soon signalling a new start. For now we are trying to squirrel a bit away for utility and rent deposits and waiting for the word from the bank when they want us out of the house. 

We are looking at a small farm house to rent.The couple that own the house are a wonderful christian couple that are willing to work with us despite poor credit and limited funds. It has its good points and its not so good but it seems a good fit for hubby, son, dog and I. As long as the four of us can be together all else will work out. 

Writing used to be my escape from the world, my passion. I miss those days more than I can say. The past several months I have thought of nothing but money and moving. The budget is in place and I don't know yet when we have to be out. I am doing all I can to assure my family a fresh start devoid of the pitfalls and mistakes of our youth. Now all I really want to do is rediscover that passion ... find that escape again. I have sat here last night and today thinking of resolutions and goals. There you have it.

Now to find THE project, the one that will light that fire again. That is my goal for tonight. Wish me luck.

I wish each and everyone of you peace, prosperity, creativity and happiness in 2010. Good luck with your clean slate. *Heart*

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