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My Grandmother Rated E
A few weeks ago my mother wrote a poem for my grandmother. It was published in the newspaper for the Mother's Day Memorials section. That day I helped her get it on the site, thus turning her from a Registered User to a Registered Author. Now it has been rated by at least ten people, most of which were probably friends of mine as I shared the link with the various members of my group Non-Humans R Us. I wouldn't be too surprised if it got an awardicon some day. Well, let me tell you about the woman behind the poem.

My grandmother was amongst the friendliest people that I know, though I'm sure that most people feel the same way about their grandmothers. She just had this laugh that was infectious, along with her smile. You could of been having the worst day of your life, but if you heard her laugh and saw her smiling, you just had to crack one of your own. You could sit down with her, and tell her what was going and she'd see about helping you out.

She had these two clear containers, which she kept candy and cookies in, sometimes one had cookies and the other candy, sometimes both had just candy, or had just cookies. I'd ask her if I could have some, and she'd say "Only two," but I'd take four, or more, and just grin, as would she.

Also, every Friday was something nice. My younger brother was at a game of sort on that day, and my mother and step-father would be there watching him. Me, well I had no interest in sports, so I stayed home. However my grandmother would take me to this sub shop where she'd get me chicken wings and get herself fried fish. The meal would take a while to get ready, so we'd talk about things. Good times.

It's been over five years since she passed away, and while I'm almost twenty-one now, there are times that I can just hear her talking, as if to say, "You're doing good kid. You're doing good." I doubt that I could tell someone everything about her, like how she fought her cancer for over a year, along with many other things, and do her justice. Even now I miss her, and I'll always miss her.

So Grandma, wherever you are, if you are reading this, know this, I love you.
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