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A fantasy novel about five people trying to retrieve a sacred stone.
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Kicking Some Gorg Butt
Xarros and Vizus waited for what seemed like an eternity. Finally, they saw the first line of Gorgs advancing. Vizus tensed, and got ready to pounce, but Xarros patted him on the back and whispered:" They haven't seen us yet, let's ambush them."

Xarros went into a half collapsed house and lowered himself until he is completely hidden under the broken walls. He heard the footsteps getting closer and closer. Finally, he heard a Gorg grunt right next to the place he was hiding. He jumped out of the hiding spot with a graceful maneuver and knock down the Gorg beside him. The Gorg fell and groaned before being slashed into smithereens by Vizus, who also hopped out of his hiding spot. Xarros drew his knife and immediately decapitated the nearest Gorg. The Gorgs scattered from the confusion, but soon recovered and surrounded Xarros and Vizus. Although the two could fight back the Gorgs, but they couldn't avoid being wounded. Vizus got a long, ugly cut up his left arm, and Xarros got a bruise on his right thigh from being hit by a shield. The Gorgs kept closing in. Xarros and Vizus struggled hopelessly in the Gorg's "Wall" formation.

Greatly outnumbered, Xarros and Vizus fought until they were exhausted. Xarros's knife got knocked away by a Gorg spearman. Xarros was left weaponless with Gorgs closing on all sides. Suddenly, cries of agony and death rang from behind the Gorg lines. Xarros watched as the formation broke away and a man in a full suit of golden armor emerged from the horde of Gorgs. The remaining Gorgs ran away, but was taken out by the archers from the man's army. The man took off his helmet and greeted the two:" Greetings, comrades, I am Andy of the Paladin Order." The man had a long white beard, and several scars on his face, but he looked kind.

" I am Xarros of the Asherfeld Forest." Asherfeld was the human name for the Woodland elfs' Forest.

" I am Vizus of the Holy Mountains." Vizus said, proudly.

" As you can see, the town of Corade was washed clean by the Gorgs, only few have survived this assault." Andy said, solemnly." There is no reason for you to be here now. Before you go, may I help you replenish your supplies?"

" Of course! Thank you Andy." Vizus said happily.

After the Paladin gave the duo some food and fresh water, he marched away with his army to hunt down the Gorgs that luckily escaped. Xarros and Vizus continued South-West towards the coastal city of Wallari.
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