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The Difficulty In Getting Others To Join Rated ASR
I've experianced several difficulties, some technical, some personal. Of course, one of my biggest problems is getting people to join through my portfolio. So far I've refered three people. One is my mother, and she now has an item in her portfolio, which some people might have read. The other two are people whom I don't know, though I have the feeling that one of them is not very nice, as they gave my blog/journal a 1 *Star* and said that the whole site was a scam. Needless to say, I don't plan on talking to that guy, and as far as I know, the other person hasn't writen anything. I also managed to get my neighbor to sign up, but he didn't click on my portfolio before he created his, which means that I don't have the point for getting him to join.

Now, I've used the Tell a Friend feature, and emailed several of my teachers and fellow students who said that they were interested. However none of them have joined, as far as I know. Maybe they did, and I didn't get credit for it, maybe they didn't.

Of course, the longer that I'm on here, the better my chances are that more people will join as a result of me, so here's to hoping.
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