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The Summaries of the individual books in my Planet Animalus series, as well as more info.
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Origins of Planet Animalus
I've been a writer for a long time. At first I wrote my stories using pictures to tell the story. Two of my earliest ones that I can recall were about a young boy turned into a cat by an owl and an ex-poacher who was after a current poacher. Relatively simple things, with childish drawings. Most people could have understood them.

After that, I went to school and learned how to actually write, though my drawings never really improved. Of course even then I had quite the imagination, using the words that I was given to write a story of some sort. I also started reading at an incredibly fast pace. In fact, I had to read the books that the teachers had on shelves or stands so as to not get too far ahead of the rest of the class in our assigned books. In fact, I'd read while the teacher was teaching class and I was still able to respond to what was going on.

In the seventh grade, things changed a bit. My mom and her boyfriend bought our first computer. At the time I was fascinated with snakes, and I used the computer to not only research them but to write a story about them. I called it "Snakes: The Punishment for Your Crimes”. It was about a man, an ex-soldier, who lived in a futuristic world and was framed for the murder of his wife and child. By this time in the future, the Death Penalty was abolished. Instead there were these genetically modified, not to mention sentient, snakes who took care of such things. Long story short, if one was guilty; they'd be turned into ordinary snakes. If one was innocent, they'd be turned into a hunter type of snake creature. Since the guy was innocent, he was turned into a hunter and after that, he went in search of the one who had framed him, who was an old comrade-turned-traitor from his days in the military. What's more, I'd even had names for future characters, but something happened and I lost interest, as well as the story itself.

Later on I decided to use notebooks to write my stories and as I was interested in cats I wrote one called Planet Felines. This was what one could call the "father" of the Planet Animalus series as it was about a planet of cat creatures that had been genetically modified to be humanoid as well as sentient. During this time the Earth had been taken over by an evil tyrant and a small Resistance group had sent a small force of men in a spaceship to find help. They did and the cat-people went to help the inhabitants of Earth. There was something of a one-on-one battle between the overall leader of the Resistance, a man called John Felines and the Tyrant, who had the simple name of Sam. Victory was eventually given to the Resistance, at a great cost, as John had been killed as a result of the fight. However, his powers, which included control over all of the cat-creatures, were transferred into a young woman who was of his bloodline. She was then able to beat Sam by leading him into a trap, where he was killed by the spirits of cats who had died in the past. In fact, since there was plenty of paper left in the notebook, I had decided to write a sequel about fraternal brothers John, a human, and Felines, a cat-creature, who landed on another planet, but I had to do something and lost interest.

It was the same sort of situation with several other stories. My mind would come up with a great idea and I'd start writing the story, but I'd lose interest after a while, though I still have them. They might be on the back burner for now, but you never know, as I just might type up what I have and show it off to someone, or put it up on the site.

Then two years ago, I was looking up dragon vore and I located this site. Between this site, as well as YouTube, I discovered anthros, humanoid-animal like creatures that were, for the most part, sentient. Needless to say, a fever came into my head, and I started getting ideas for a planet of humanoid-animal creatures that I called hybrids, or, to be honest, Hibreeds. I wrote my story in a seventy page notebook and Planet Animalus was born. However, when the story was done, using the full note book, a first for me, it was begging for a sequel, which was another first for me. Now I have 19 notebooks on a single series. By now the flames have cooled down, but they are still there, just waiting to heat back up.

Of course, I might be in luck as well in a way. If I can get my stories written up, I might be able to get them published. *Bigsmile*
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