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A collection of various short stories and poetry.
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Case Colors Rated E (Poem)
There are seven important colors on the site
Those are grey, black, yellow, blue, purple, red and white.
Each of these colors are important in their own right.

A writer starts out with simple Grey.
Grey represents Registered User.
They can participate in polls, add to interactives and campfires.
They can post in In-And-Outs and Forums.
They can Rate and Review things that others have made,
and yet they have nothing themselves.

That changes when they write something and become Black.
Black represents Registered Author.
They write poems, participate in writing contests.
They can do all of the same things that a Grey can do and more,
but they are different only by the virtue that they have written something.

Then things start to become much harder when they become Yellow.
Yellow represents Preferred Author.
They need to have written a variety of items,
rated and reviewed a diverse variety of people,
With many quality reviews under their belt.
They must know the site and how it all works.

And things become even more difficult when they are made Blue.
Blue represents Moderator.
They must have given more high quality reviews.
They must have also been on a certain amount of time and be of a certain age.
They must make sure that the ratings on items are accurate, and more.

Then things become even more difficult when they become Violet.
Violet represents Senior Moderator.
They have an even harder job.
They have to watch over a wide variety of people.
They must have a high number of High Quality reviews.
They must have been on a long time and worked very hard to get their position.

However the hardest color to get is the highest color of all, Red.
Red represents Staff and Senior Staff.
These are the people who run the whole site.
They have to watch over everything and every one.
They hear all the complaints and make the rules.
They say who has an account and who doesn't.
They must make sure the site doesn't shut down.

However, one case that no one wants, at least not in the near future, is White.
White represents In Memory Of.
They were once writers, and great ones at that.
They are gone, but not forgotten.
They are those who are missed and flowers are planted for.
Their stories are tributes to their honored memories.

Every color has meaning, even if it isn't clear.
All colors are important to those who have them,
Especially those who work hard to get a promotion.
One's own color is special, as it is a part of who they are.
To get higher makes them feel special.
They mean that one has worked to get to where they are.
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