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Premium Membership Free Trial
Icon: Premium Membership (Small) Writing.Com automatically offers each member a free one month trial of our feature-rich Premium membership! During the free trial, members will enjoy and have access to most of the features and tools of our Premium membership (which includes Basic and Upgraded tools, as well).

Any Writing.Com member with a Free, Basic or Upgraded membership can take advantage of the free trial. If the free trial is available for your account, you will find a link that reads "Click Here For Your One Month Free Trial Premium Membership in the upper left hand column of each page. If you don't see the link, then you've either already used or are not eligible for the free trial Premium membership. This trial is not available on the authorized secondary accounts of any member. You can click directly below to be sure:

Each trial Premium membership will be active for a full 31 days from the time it is started. Once begun, the amount of time left on your free trial will be displayed in the left column of each page.

Premium membership tools that become active during a free trial are:
*Bullet* Full-time costumicons (for Registered Authors and up)
*Bullet* Use of Full Screen (FS) Edit
*Bullet* Use of Port Surf
*Bullet* Access to submission tracking
*Bullet* Fastest instant message time
*Bullet* Ability to create 25 custom links
*Bullet* Access to Quick Links, Quick Favorites and Quick Functions

Upgraded membership tools that become active during a free trial are:
*Bullet* Summary statistics for items
*Bullet* Feedback and ratings breakdowns
*Bullet* Extended statistics
*Bullet* Access to the Writing.Com Ideanary and the WritingML-to-HTML converter
*Bullet* Ability to create passkeys for items
*Bullet* Ability to post in scrolling messages and access to extended IM console
*Bullet* Fewer advertisements on Writing.Com

Basic membership tools that become active during a free trial are:
*Bullet* Larger, bolder handle
*Bullet* Access to the chat room
*Bullet* Use of passkey ring

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the one month free trial Premium membership include unlimited access to interactive items?
No. The free trial doesn't override the resource limitations for free members. You need an actual paid membership for that. If you use the free trial Premium while you have a Basic or Upgraded membership, you will continue to have unlimited access to interactive items.

Does the one month free trial Premium membership include additional portfolio space or the ability to create additional item types than are allowed with my normal membership?
No, your portfolio size and item creation abilities are not affected by the trial. Unfortunately, there are too many concerns with the time limit on the trial to allow the creation of more items than your portfolio can normally hold or item types that couldn't otherwise be created by your account.

In addition, the primary purpose of the trial membership is to allow members to experience Writing.Com with all of the features and tools they can't see otherwise. Since all item types are in use around the site, plenty of examples of them in use are available. It is also clear how additional portfolio space will benefit you and your online writing presence. The trial is intended to demonstrate other features like Full Screen Edit, Port Surf, costumicons, ad-free access and more.

With the free trial Premium, can I create items that Upgraded and Premium members can, such as Groups, Images, Survey Forms, Web Pages, etc?
No, there are too many concerns with the time limit on the trial to allow the creation of item types that couldn't otherwise be created. In addition, the different uses of the item types provided to each membership level can already be seen in action around the site.

With the free trial Premium, can I store up to 1,000 items in my portfolio?
No. During the free trial Premium, your portfolio storage space limitations are not changed from whatever your existing non-trial membership allows. For example, if you have/had a Free membership, your portfolio is still limited to 10 items. If you have/had a Basic membership, you are limited to 50 items and Upgraded members are still limited to 250 items.

With the free trial Premium, can I store more email messages in my email account and create additional email folders?
No. Your email storage space is not changed by the free trial.

What happens when my free trial Premium expires?
Once your free trial Premium expires, your membership will return to its previous state. If you had/have an existing paid membership, your membership expiration will not change. After your free trial Premium expires, your membership reverts to where it would normally be one month after your trial had started. Since the trial provides additional benefits at no charge and does not include additional storage space or item type access, no credit or time extension is provided for overlapping time with the free trial Premium.

If I have an existing paid membership, should I let my Upgraded or Basic membership run out before I try the free trial Premium?
No, that is not recommended. The free trial Premium does not include additional portfolio space. So, if you choose to do that, you will have to downsize your portfolio to the 10 items allowed under the Free portfolio limit. In addition, any Item types that are not offered under our Free membership plan would be removed from your portfolio; this includes such types as Groups, Images, Surveys and more.

If I already have a Basic or Upgraded Membership and I choose to start the free trial, will I receive any credit for the overlapping time?
No. Credit is not provided for a number of reasons. The free trial does not include additional portfolio space nor does it include the ability to create or store Upgraded or Premium item types. Since the trial is free and you still require your existing paid membership in order to fully use the site and maintain your portfolio, we can't provide any credit or time extension for overlaps with the free trial Premium.

Am I limited to one month of the free trial Premium membership?
Yes. Each individual person is limited to one month of the trial membership. Please remember that having multiple accounts is strictly against Writing.Com policy and individuals found abusing our free trial may be banned from accessing our site. Authorized secondary accounts are not allowed to try out the free trial--it must be used in conjunction with the primary membership account, if at all.

Why is Writing.Com offering a one month free trial of Premium membership?
The value provided in our Premium membership is exceptional and unmatched by other websites. Writing.Com is happy to show off our site's tools to all our members up front with no monetary obligation from them.

When will you stop offering the one month free trial of Premium membership?
While we have no immediate plans to remove the free trial offer, we do reserve the right to stop offering the free trial at any time in the future.1

Recommended Reading

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