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New Laptop!!!
At long last, I have my new laptop. So excited!!! I was debating for months (while I raised the money) whether or not to get a laptop or a tablet plus keyboard. I'd heard lots of buzz about the tablets and writers who were swearing by them, saying they are the future in writing-on-the-go. Maybe that will be so, but for right now I don't think I'm ready for that technology. First of all, my phone is not a 3G or 4G mobile hotspot, and all the word processing apps depend on an internet connection. With my luck, I'd have three pages of blood and tears written and not yet saved, and I'd lose my connection. Nightmare scenario!!

Also, last weekend I had the opportunity to speak to James Dashner, NYT bestselling author of The Maze Runner trilogy. I asked him if he wrote on a laptop or a tablet. He has both, but he said for writing he'd only work on a laptop. That was the moment I finally decided to go that route. Believe me, I was tired of being on that fence.

So, today I picked up my SONY VAIO. It has an i5 Intel processor, backlit keyboard 8 gigs of memory...but the best part is it's pretty as all get-out. *Laugh* It's black and purple, and with that white lights under the keys, well, it's gorgeous!

This couldn't come at a better time. I already have a write-in planned with a NaNo buddy who lives nearby. So glad I won't be attending it with a stone tablet and chisel. hahha

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