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Gratitude breaks the spell of Writers Block
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Sunday Review for the Week of December 1-7, 2013
On Saturday, November 30, I posted "Saturday Review: Looking forward to December in this journal with two lists. One of the lists I planned to do in December and the other list contained goals for 2014. I am still working on many of the things I need to accomplish this month, but I have made some progress. I admit not as much progress as I would like, but considering that the results of some of the items are influenced by the actions of others; I think I need to be gentle with myself on those.

Things to do in December 2013!

*Note0* Purchase three-month premium membership to writing.com before December 31, 2013.
         On Monday, December 2, I purchased a three-month premium membership with the GPs in my Gift Points account and this will expire on March 31, 2014. I am moving this goal to my 2014 goals.

*Note1* Move into a one-bedroom apartment.
         I have not yet been contacted by any of the apartments managers where I am on waiting list. In addition, I have no idea when the house is going to close and I have to stay in the house until it closes.

*Note2* Find ways to Increase my income by at least $333.00 per month in 2014.
         Save and sell the aluminum cans (I drink my soda from) to a recycling business.
         Do online surveys that pay in points or cash.
         Submit stories and poems to online or off line magazines.
         Find a part time job.

*Note3* Consistently write 2,000 words per day. Even if I have to stay up until midnight writing.
         I accomplished this goal 4 days out of 7 during the week of December 1-7.
         Staying up until midnight may defeat the purpose of this goal. If I am going to stay up until midnight, I need to do one of three things (1) reset my alarm clock, (2) take an afternoon nap, or (3) do both of those things.

*Note4* Put everything I have to do on my calender or in my To Do List because otherwise I will forget.
         When I create a To Do List I need to print it off either in the morning or of an evening the night before.
         I still need to put my February appointment for my mammogram on the February 2014 calender.

*Note5* Enter more writing.com contests, which will help me achieve the 2,000 words per day goal.
         I entered several poem in contests last week.
         I need to change the reason I am entering contests because it stresses me if I do not write a contest entry and I am short of the 2,000 word goal. The stress causes writer's block; there for I will change the reason to enter contests to receiving reviews and/or improving my skills.

*Note6* Review a minimum of 21 items per week or 93 items during the month of December.
         Review count for the week of December 1-7 = 44.

*Note* Set up budget and goals spreadsheets for January 2014.
         Downloaded the 2014 calender to assist in setting up the spreadsheets.
         Have budget and goals spreadsheets ready to put the items into them.
         May need to change the name of the budget spreadsheets to income/outgo spreadsheets because it is a better fit to the way I keep my books.

*Notev* Begin the process of cleaning out my writing.com e-mail inbox.
         I have started this process, but I have not gotten very far at t his point.

Things I want to do in 2014!

*Note0* Purchase three-month premium membership to writing.com before March 31, 2014.

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