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Gratitude breaks the spell of Writers Block
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Thoughts on the First Half of December 2013
Where to go from here? On October 28, 2013, I began keeping track of my weekly goals in this journal. The first entry, "Invalid Entry, was a very curd and unplanned attempt to keep track of my writing and reviewing accomplishments on a daily basis. I revised that somewhat the next week in "Invalid Entry, but I still did not like the way I set up that weekly accomplish entry. However, I kept that format, except for a few minor changes, in "November Accounting: November 11-15, 2013 because it was the middle of November and NaNoWriMo. I continued the same format, again with some minor changes, in "Invalid Entry and "Invalid Entry. When December came I continued to make changes in the format in "Invalid Entry and "Invalid Entry, which I like better then the earlier formats. I plan to make some more minor changes to the daily accounting format for next week and then continue to use that until March or April of 2014.

2014 Doctor's Appointments

*Info* Mammogram on February 3, 2014 for a 9:15 am check-in with a 9:30 appointment.

*Info* What do you want to accomplish in 2014 and how do you plan to do it?
*Infob* What event in history would you like to personally witness?
*Infobr* Write a mission statement for your blog.
*Infog* Why is gratitude important?
*Infoo* What is your favorite nonfiction book and why?
*Infop* True or False and Why: "The influence of blogging is overall a very positive force in the media." - Garrett Graff
*Infor* Share any tips that has work for you on time management.
*Infov* What makes you unique as a writer?
*Info* Describe your sacred space (where you write or would like to write).
*Infob* What is your favorite poem and why?
*Infobr* Share any tips on downsizing that work for you.
*Infog* Write a tribute to someone important in your life.
*Infoo* True or False and Why: "Everyone should have a blog. It's the most democratic thing ever." - Jessica Cutler
*Infop* Have you ever experienced a miracle at Christmas or any other time of the year?
*Infor* What is your favorite holiday recipe? Is there a story that goes with the recipe?
*Infov* Write a story or a poem about your favorite holiday?
*Info* Do you have a photo of a family member or pet is especially precious to you? Why is it important?

Poem, Essay, and/or Story Ideas

*Info* Idea for a personal essay Why I Don't Celebrate Christmas.
*Infob* Title idea for a poem My fingers betrayed me.
*Infobr* Poem idea A Broken Winged Bird based upon a Baha'i Scripture.
*Infog* What do I think heaven is like?

That is everything I can think of today. I know I need to decide on other goals for 2014, but before I can begin those I need to set up the templates for my 2014 goals and balance sheet (I have referred to this as my budget spreadsheet). That is all I can think of this evening, I know I had other things in mind to do in 2014; however, they have slipped my mine. I will write them down and put them in another entry.

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