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A collection of various short stories and poetry.
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The Lioness and The Bull
Why did they marry?- a little something I thought up while at work.

Somewhere, on the plains on Africa, a lioness and a bull water buffalo met up. However, unlike many other encounters between lions and water buffalo, this one ended up with love being the outcome. Somehow, the two became like husband and wife, and had a couple of kids. Soon enough, the children, a son who looked like a water buffalo, and a daughter who looked like a lioness, were of age, looking for mates of their own, and thus, they asked their parents why they fell in love.

The lioness looked at her daughter and said, “There are three reasons as to why I married him:

“1- He doesn’t stray too far.

“2- He’s easy to hunt for.

“3- It’s easier for me to chew his ass out!”

At the same time, the bull looked at his son and said, “There are three reasons as to why I married your mother:

“1- None of the other guys at the watering hole would dare to call her ugly.

“2- Security is never a concern with her around.

“3- She doesn’t produce as much shit!”
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