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Looks like I may have a ton of these, so this is collection 1 of Reflections
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1 - I used to think corn was sweet....
It's Creation Saturday! Prompt for March 1, 2014 - Write for fifteen minutes using "I used to think..." as your starter.

I used to think I was special, something to be treasured.
I used to think she was the best, against nothing could she be measured.

I used to think I knew what I wanted to be, without question, worry or fail.
I used to think he would want me, but that came to no avail.

I used to think anything was possible, regardless of the proof.
I used to think I knew what I thought, but that was just a spoof.

Dunno why that melodrama just spewed forth from me muse. Probably because unemployment has reared its God awful head again and along with the funds, my patience is running very thin....
I believe this is what faith's about...believing in the unseen, or unheard, like a call for an interview of sorts. Any sorts! O geez, 15 whole minutes of this? I took this test for the UK based Proofreading company. I think I did well and it was real interesting stuff. It was one of them hoity-toity research papers on how people learn or something. Girls vs. boys and all that, only it turns out sex don't matter, it's how the individual learns. I coulda told you that and with out the page long bibliography. Though we can't ignore girls predominantly lean towards reading and boys math/science; there are of course millions of exceptions to every rule.

Hope I get it, I just need to do something....anything......6 minutes.....good thing I started early and began this Friday night, I'll pick up again tomorrow, maybe I'll even have another poem ready to go *Pthb*

ION: Best random link I've clicked in a while. It's bizarre, I saw it on the Newsfeed then it just disappeared....#kismet:
Periodic Table of Storytelling  
oops I found it! "Note: A most interesting link! [Link:..." Thanks Sparky !

Also, TG for TBS making me hip to Jimmy Fallon's trend of making Brian Williams rap! The latest is the greatest, and longest, by far. 1.3 minutes of pure delight: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-YCeIgt7hMs

Story Idea: Inner Hallucinations - Possessed by an Angel, it feels funny, you know it's happening the angel has a (good) mind and language of it's own. Craziness.

Prompt 1
Write about a movie or television series that terrified you as a kid and still gives you the creeps today.

Children of the Corn - MALACHI! He wants you! *shudder*

I've never liked horror, ever. I don't understand being scared for fun.... But I was 12/13 or so? Think it was summer break and amidst channel surfing I see a movie with kids as the main characters. Hadn't seen that since Lord of the Flies so I gave it a chance. First scene I saw was the diner scene where kids dad/granddad? get chopped up right in front of him. I was morbidly hooked. Think I watched the rest of it.

I remember getting up to use the restroom that night. We had a nice sized house so the hallway from my bedroom door seemed to go on for ever. The walkway was suspiciously eerie and didn't seem very well protected. It was too 'out in the open'. I remember thinking if I went to the bathroom something might jump up the steps and around the corner and snatch me. Of course I heard all types of things too. It was horrible.

I don't have cable so haven't come across the movie lately, but for years afterwards if I came across it I would visibly twitch. But I'm proud to say I can still watch the end without the willies. That red head so gets what he deserves!!!

Update: Searching for COTC on IMDB and I didn't know there were multiple movies! Creepy....

I used to think I was strong, then unemployment made me weak;
I used to think I was intelligent, "family" says 'I'm a geek'.

I used to think I knew the answer, about why death made us grieve;
it wasn't till I lost my Dad, I realized enlightenment is harder to achieve.

I used to think that I was happy, then I started typing this poem;
in the interest of a forced rhyme, I'll end this song with: home.

A.Faith 03/01/2014

Haha! There are no rules in free-verse! Bet you didn't see that coming, I wrote it and didn't.....

HAHAHA! DIE-ane 's post "Scary Movies just reminded me that the VERY first movie to ever creep me out was none other than Beauty and the Beast! I was only 5 when it came out and I vividly remember the creepy mansion gate scene at night in the rain and the beast's roar was terrifying in the movie theater, add in some evil villagers with fire and pitchforks and I hated that movie well into my late teens and early 20s. I can watch it fine now, but it's still my least favorite Disney movie.....

Also, The Lion King didn't scare me but Mufasa falling to his death definitely scarred me. I still have a hard time watching that scene and more often than not will just skip over it.....

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