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10 years later: My W>D>C blog here! Nuts & bolts of a mystic's "beyond Chapel Perilous"
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Wow really???!!~~~ Off the Rollercoaster!
Jeez Y'all it's been a challenge to keep my writing head on! There have been time's the demon-writers block sat on my shoulder totally mocking me,not to mention so called "well meaning" but pushing their own agenda's. One minute "Proud of my writing accomplishments" ( More like happy to spend the money...) Then mocking me as well with words of put-downs for me. I've dealt with more issues,like health~mental~visions~ etc,it would make most people's head spin,as the saying goes.
The good thing is I'm still alive to write the tales again. I had kept journals since I was 12,though sadly the sands of time,cruelly stole from me again & again. Losing most of the few photo's I had of my family as a child. That said,I have to piece together it so my Kids & Grandkids can have what I had to struggle to find---my ancestors history. It's hard to know who ya are~if you don't know where you came from! It's hard enough figuring out this world of rabbit holes & detours as it is. I'm so far~behind in getting back to so many awesome people,who have been found like bright treasure,for love is all there is------- So I'm starting my memoirs--whoa frekin hoo!!! It will take place in the 1st 13 years of my life & work forward as such.
I write this live--here at writing.com 1st. No matter how far I travel online,this was & always will be my 1st writing home! It was the 1st nest I started,no knowing too much about the writing part of writing. As Rod serling said" having ideas are easy--putting them down--another thing!" Slightly paraphrased I don't think he minds! So will end here,am super~tired. will paste this all over my world!!!!!!! oxoxoxoxoxoox thanks for all of ya who make this work--worthwhile----- you my dear readers & family!

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