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10 years later: My W>D>C blog here! Nuts & bolts of a mystic's "beyond Chapel Perilous"
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Thats some BS~~~
Okay I ain't naming names,but that is so jive. I have 2 months to figure out how to get back to South. Too sad to expound tonight y'all. Even farmville don't interest me....I know there is a silver lining by the rainbow--this is my private space,so I don't Kvetch about my Grammar please . It's a crazy as world people killing a priest in his House of worship.kidnapping teens as they go to study in yeshiva in Israel. It makes me feel sick and sad. That some daughters turn to drugs,rather then care for their children. That some people think money is the almighty everything,stepping on others and crushing their mamas heart. Be well my friends...
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