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Rule the World
I was listening to a song called “Rule the World” by Walk Off the Earth. I’ll be honest, normally I listen to Country-type of stuff, but I decided to listen to this for a quick contest, which might get me out of my one rut I’m in. It’s an interesting little song – not something I’d normally listen to, but for a quick contest, with a prize that’s given to practically given to everyone just for participating, I was willing to listen to it. Of course, even if I don’t get anything, maybe this will help me to write more.

Thing is, I can’t say that I really got into it; like I’ve said, County is more my type of music. That being said, it does have a nice little message, which is, I believe, don’t let peoples’ expectations and perceptions hold you back. You can make your own path, and do what you want. This is something I can relate to.

I have Autism, a condition which can affect mental development, causing people who have it to not pick up on social cues, act younger than what they are, and have repetitive/routine behavior. Physically, there’s nothing wrong with me, which is fortunate, as some are confined to wheelchairs, and the like. Mentally, I tend to have better than average memory – I rarely forget anything in a book or a movie, even if I haven’t seen it in years. Emotionally, I feel joy, sadness, anger, pain, all of it, but I don’t always show that emotion. Sometimes it’s a blessing, and I can fool tormentors into thinking that they aren’t bothering me. Other times, it’s a curse, in that I have trouble telling people about things. I’ll be honest, name a subject, and after a little bit of research, I’ll tell you everything – Names, Dates, Locations, Important Information, the works. Ask me about myself, I’ll come to a point where I’m unable to tell you things; there are times I don’t know why I did a certain action, but it was the right action, like staying calm when my mother got into an accident, which in turn helped to calm her down, while I went to get my uncle, who ran a farm down the road, and had a tractor to get the car out of the ditch.

Now, to get back on track, people didn’t expect much of me, but I shattered expectations. I graduated in the top ten of my class, at least I think I did – I was in the top 6 in the sixth grade, and I tended to have good grades through high school, so it’s likely. I then went to college, and got an Associate’s Degree in Applied Sciences. Currently, I have a job as a maintenance man, glorified janitor actually, but, given the fact that, for the most part, I don’t have any issues doing my job, I don’t have someone following me to check up on my actions. Of course, my biggest dream is to be a Best-Selling Author, but that’s not easy, unless you know the right people. Then again, I just might shatter expectations once more, and find myself famous worldwide.
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