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Second blog -- answers to an ocean of prompts
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In the Mail
Prompt: What are the most memorable things you have ever got in the mail?


We all like to receive happiness when we open our mailbox.

For example, take e-mail. In my inbox, I received, among other nice stuff, over 200 reviews on the 29th of June 2015, and I am so grateful. That day of my 14th WdC Anniversary will always remain in my memory.

In snail mail, recently I received a letter from a long-lost friend who recently found me and wrote. This, too, I will remember always.

Let’s go all the way back. When I was four I received a card addressed directly to me from my father who had been in Switzerland and had never seen me due to World War II. My mother had written him that I had learned how to read and he had written and addressed that card to me. I immediately memorized every word he wrote. I still have that card.

Then there is that book I received in the mail from my favorite uncle with a dedication note on the opening page. That, too, carries a fine memory.

Quite a few things and written material that I receive in the mail make me happy, like whatever comes from Writing.com, from old friends and family, or even from not so old friends, but if I could list everything, I’d have to write them on a scroll because a regular page would not hold them.

What does make us happy and any mail memorable? I believe, it is not what is in the mail or what kind of a useful thing we receive, but the proof of being connected to people and their caring feelings for us, which shows we are somehow important to them.


Now on the weirdo side, a duh! moment:

Today while I am picking up my prescription medication, the new clerk in Walgreens asked me: "Do you know how much this costs?"

I said, "Yes, why?"

She said: "373 dollars, but you are only paying 10."

I: "Yes, I have been on this medication for more than ten years."

She : "But you're only paying 10 dollars."

I : "It is because I have insurance."

She: "As long as you know how much it is costing to the drug company." *Confused*

Another weirdo thing that somewhat relates to today's prompt:

I come home after the above incident to find in the mail a card from the hospital, my doctors are a part of. It is a good hospital, if not one of the better ones in the country, but I wonder what made them come up with such a nutty idea.

In the front of the card it says: "Emergency care that's expecting you."

In the back of it is this explanation, verbatim: "This service allows you to choose your projected ER treatment time and gives you the freedom to wait wherever is most comfortable. Or if your need is urgent but not an emergency, you can go to Mymartinhealth.org and click on Primary Care Express..."

Hahahaha! Only in Florida!
They want me to make an appointment for my emergency. And to top it all, it isn't like I like going to the ER. I have been to emergency rooms only when my kids got into accidents more than three decades ago.

If I wrote this in a fictional story, everyone would think I was using the comedic tool of exaggeration. *Laugh*

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