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It is April Fools Day 2015
It is April Fools Day 2015

It is April Fools Day 2015. It is the first day of National Poetry Month 2015. It is the first day of NaNoWriMo Camp 2015. I know I have to write something today, so I am just going to start writing and see what type of prose I come up with. I am not sure that it was a good idea to take on so much in April because today I feel overwhelmed. I do not feel as overwhelmed now that I have contacted Cox Communications and got an extension on what I owe them. I also checked the NV Energy website to see what I owe them. I don't know how I'm going to pay those bills I just know I have to find a way to do it this month. I did not have to turn on the cool air today because of the low temperatures. I don't know about tomorrow or after that. I will have to deal with that decision tomorrow and the next day.

The title of this book is Memories and Other Dreams. I decided on the name when I enrolled in NaNoWriMo Camp in March because I wanted to write something besides fantasy and science fiction. I want to expand my writing to personal essays and articles. I thought that it would be a good idea to do it in April and see if I can write at least 25,000 words by the end of April on something besides fiction. I would like to write non-fiction which includes essays and articles. I would also like to practice writing prose poems. Prose poems are a little harder or maybe easier the other types of poem. Prose poems takes more editing the line phased poem.

I have a few ideas of articles and essays I want to write during April 2015, which I will include in this book. Since this book contains 100 entries I can use it for NaNoWriMo Camp 2016 (I hope). One of the subjects I want to write about is The Difference Between Material and Spiritual Wealth. I know I will come up with other ideas before the end of April I hope I come up with enough to carry the theme over to November in which case I may use this book for the November entries. There are also a couple of questions I need to answer before the end of April. These questions are (1) Do I use writing as an excuse not to do housework? and (2) Am I obsessed with the word count? That is all I can think of right now, but I may think of something else to put in this first entry before 8:59 pm Pacific Daylight Time.

I figured out how many words I have to write per day to accomplish the 25,000 word count by April 30. I have to write 834 words for each entry in this book. I don't know if I can and still accomplish everything else I want to do this month. I will attempt it because the advantage to writing is that I don't worry about anything else. At least I won't worry about it until something comes up that I have to deal with immediately. I have sever other pieces of writing I have to work on this month plus I will be working the Primary election next Tuesday, which means I will not be on line until after 7:00 pm PDT (10:00 pm EDT). I will take my journal with me so that I can write, but I will not get anything posted until late Tuesday night or early Wednesday morning.

Another question I need to answer is (3) Why do I get hungry when I am writing? This is a question I need to answer because I need to lose weight and eating while I'm writing doesn't help me lose the weight. Of course neither does sitting down writing because I also need exercise. I have an exercise program in mind and it works something like this: I begin with a five minute walk in my house using a path between the front door and the bathroom door. I know it sounds boring so I have to figure out a way to do it without getting bored. A friend of mine is using this type of exercise program and has lost weight. He has a larger apartment, but I don't think the size of the apartment matters.

I hope I can use this entry as part of an article or essay. I have to focus on finishing and editing stuff that I write. I can write without a problem, but when it comes to editing something I have a problems with stress. I think about editing my work and I get stressed. I don't know why, but maybe that is something I need to explore in my pen and paper journal or a blog entry. Another question I need to answer is (4) Why does the thought of editing stress me out?

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