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Part 3 of My Relationship with God
My Relationship with God is Always Improving

My relationship with God is always improving because each day I learn something about how to make it better. I am a worrier! I have worried and obsessed over everything or almost everything all my life. This is not trusting in God because it suggests that I have control over everything in my life. I do not have control all though I wish I did. Maybe that is why I worry because I want to control everything and I am not in control. I am in control over something, but not very many.

Today I had a lesson in letting God take control while I work attempting to accomplish what I can. In the past week I received $20.00 from two different survey groups. I earned that $20.00 doing surveys. I need to purchase some Depends so that I could go to work tomorrow. I did not have enough in my checking account to purchase the depends without overdrawing the account. I also had a $2.00 off coupon for the Depends.

I was going to purchase a large package of the undergarments. I intended to purchase a packaging containing 32 Depends. Anyway, I went to Discount Tires on South Maryland Parkway to have the air in my tires checked because they do it for free. If I stop at a gas station they will charge me for the air unless I purchase gas for the car. I did not intend to purchase gas today because I need the money to buy the Depends.

I went to the Discount Tire place, got air in the tires, and then I started back north on Maryland Parkway. I was going to stop at Walgreen's because I thought I could get a package of 32 count Depends for $18.99. However, I changed my mind because I also had to purchase sandwich meat for lunch tomorrow. I knew I had enough on my SNAP card to purchase food. I decided to purchase everything at Smith's Food & Drug store because I did not feel like stopping at two different stores.

I entered Smith's, went to the aisle where the Depends are located. They did not have the size I wear in the large package. I wear small to medium and the only sizes on the shelves were large and extra large. Instead of purchasing the 32 count package, I purchased the 12 count box which should be more then enough for me to use tomorrow. The 12 count was $12.99, but with the coupon it was $10.99. This left me enough money to purchase a 4 count package of toilet paper and a 3 count package of paper towels, both of which I am almost out of.

I had stressed over needing all of those items. I did not need to stress because God knew that I would have the money. I have never before earned more then $10.00 in a two or three month period. In March and April I received $20.00 from doing surveys. This money come in handy. I still need more money because I have the internet bill to pay plus the power bill. I also need to get two over the counter eye drops, the prescription eye drops, and some other medication by the end of April. I do not know where the money is coming form, but I do know that if I keep working and praying that it will come.

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