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Meditation on A Blazing Fire
Meditation on a Blazing Fire

Author's Note: The inspiration for this prose poem is DAY 399 the April 7, 2015 prompt for "Blog City ~ Every Blogger's Paradise
“The blazing fire makes flames and brightness out of everything thrown into it.” Marcus Aurelius, Meditations
What do you think about this quote? Do you keep a blazing fire when it comes to your writing?

Lately I seem to be having difficulty writing anything except blog entries. I have to write a short story before Sunday and I have to finish Stage 4 and Stage 5 for the Breakthrough challenge. I seem to be having difficulty writing these romance stories.and I think I know why. I keep telling myself I cannot think of anything to write, but when I begin writing I can usually push through the fog or perhaps smoke to get the story started and sometimes finished.

I can start the fire, but the problem is keeping it going if I am interrupted. I get to a point, I stop, and then I do not want to start again because I tell myself I do not know where the story is going. I get tired of writing the story, I stop, and I do not get started again. I think I need more exercise. I think I need to start walking through the apartment and recite The Remover of Difficulties while I walk. I think the exercise would do me good. The problem is getting started. It is difficult to walk and so I find reasons not to do it. I know that once I get started and push through the issues of pain or anything else that confronts me then I can do it.

Perhaps I should close the door and the blinds doing the walking. That way I will not feel foolish when someone looks in the apartment and sees me walking back and forth. Perhaps of a morning after I get up. I can think of all sorts of things to do; however, it is getting started. I think I am afraid to start. I know that once I get started I will not feel as foolish. Once I get the blaze going whether it is for writing or exercise I can keep it going the problem is starting the fire for whichever it is I want to do.

Maybe I do not want to do it. I know I do not like housework and so I find excuses not to do it. If I could just get the fire going for housework or anything that I think I want to do then I could keep it going. Perhaps morning would be a good time to get the walking exercises going. It would get the blood flowing through my veins and it would warm me up. I have the same problem when it comes to fantasy. I procrastinate! I am in the habit of procrastinating.

Procrastinating is a habit. It is a habit that is generated by fear. It is a habit that I can overcome through prayer and taking action to do something; to do what I can and then leave the rest to God. I should not put the walking exercise off until in the morning. I need to start it this evening and just push through the difficulties. Once I start the blaze for exercise then I can keep it going. It is rubbing the sticks together to get the blaze of enthusiasm started for whatever it is I need to do to accomplish a goal.
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