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I Must Have a Secret Admirer
I Must Have a Secret Admirer

I must have a secret admirer because my horoscope keeps talking about romance. Romance is something I have not experienced in a long time, if ever. Sometime I wander if I ever experienced it. I know I did not with any of the men in my life. I do not remember either of them being romantic. In fact both of my, so called, romantic encounters were alcoholics. I do not think that alcoholics know how to be romantic because they just know how to have sex without carrying about their partners.

I joined a challenge that requires me to write a romantic or graphic story and enter it into a contest each week. I have managed until this week and for some reason I simply did not accomplish the task. I do not enjoy reading stories with graphic content and I certainly do not want to write one. I am also attempting the write romantic stories for Breakthrough. I have managed three and I have two to go. I have to finish the stories before May 30. I know I can finish the last two stories; at least I can if I can think of something to write.

I started the fourth story, but I am stuck. I do not know if I should plow through or start over again with a different approach. Perhaps I should use a science fiction stetting and make it an interplanetary romance. I do not know if this will work. I do not know if the problem is the length of the story because it has to be over 2,500 words or if it is just that I am having difficulty writing anything except poems or flash fiction. I do not seem to have difficulty with novel chapters. My difficulty is getting to a point where it appear finished or when I have to edit.

Maybe I can use the secret admirer idea with the next story from Breakthrough. I could use a horoscope approach to the story. The female antagonist reads her horoscope about a romantic encounter and then sets out to find have one. Perhaps begin the story with a journal entry by the antagonist about reading her horoscope for the past seven days and all it talked about was a romantic encounter, but she has no one in her life that she is even interested in. All the men she knows are in committed relationships of some type. Maybe have her take a cruise or read her horoscope about a romantic vacation. Where is a good place for a romantic vacation?

Is a cruise a romantic vacation? Everyone seems to think so or at least that is the impression the cruise commercials give. I know I would enjoy a cruise, but I am not sure about the romantic part of it. Maybe I could have my antagonist living in an apartment complex, she takes the garbage to the alley one afternoon and meets a new tenant who is taking h is trash to the alley. The get into a conversation and he ask her out for dinner.

I suspect that would be something that could happen to me; all though not in this neighborhood because most of the good men here are taken and the rest seem to be more interested in getting a woman into bed. Besides I have not met anyone may age who is not taken. I wonder if I really want to met a man. I thought I gave up that idea long ago. Maybe I can have my protagonist realize that she would like a man in her life and set out to find one. I know there are plenty of internet dating sites for woman my ago, but I am not sure that I would want to date someone I met online.

I think the title "I think I have a secret admirer" would be a good title for a journal entry about a woman in her middle to late sixties looking for romance or a companion. Maybe she (my protagonist) is lonely. I know I get lonely sometimes, but I do not think finding a one night stand or a temporary relationship is the answer. I think I might have a good approach here; at least for the Breakthrough story. I could write it in the first person because that is the way journal entries are usually composed.

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