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October Nano Prep 2015
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Protagonist Profile
Protagonist profile


Character’s full name:

Alexis Brianne Benson

Date: 02/26/2015

General Information:

Name origin:

Alexis: feminine form of Alexander - Greek - defender of mankind
Brianne: Feminine of Brian - Celtic/Gaelic - Strength and honor
Benson: Hebrew/English - Son of Benjamin

Nickname, if any:

Alex(if so, explain its origin - e.g. who created it)

Her father gave it to her when she was very young; it is a derivative of her name, Alexis

Does s/he like the nickname?

Yes, her father always called her by that name

Birth date:

July 15, 1980



Birth sign:

Cancer - Birth sign personality traits: Analytical,Artistic, Cautious, Changeable, Compassionate, Changeable, Complaining, Controlling,Deliberate, Dependable, Determined,Dutiful,Enterprising,Frugal, Fun-Loving, Generous,Hard-working, Home-loving, Hot-tempered (on occasion), Humorous, Idealistic, Imaginative, Intuitive, Irritable, Loyal, Melancholy, Moody, Patient, Pessimistic, Possessive, Practical, Romantic, Secretive,Sentimental, Solitary,Stubborn,Talkative.

Place of birth:

San Francisco, CA

Ethnic background:




Degree of religious practice(e.g. orthodox, casual, lapsed):

Staunch, but if her work demands she work on a Sunday or perform acts that goes against the church’s teaching in order to protect mankind, she will do it. She is very liberal on Sundays.

Current address:

126 Cherry Tree Lane San Francisco, California

Does s/he rent or own?

Rents for $450.00 per month

Brief description of home:

Alexis lives in a small, modest, two bedroom, two-story garden apartment. The bedrooms and bathroom are located on the second floor and the laundry room, living room and kitchen are located on the first. The master bedroom, living room and kitchen each have a large picture window that faces the east and catches the morning sun. There is carpet through the house with title in the bathroom, laundry room and kitchen. The color scheme in the bathroom is pink and white, light green and white in the laundry room, and yellow and white in the kitchen.

Does s/he live with anyone:


Describe the area in which s/he lives:

Alexis lives a quiet neighborhood with mostly retired people with a few children and pets. The street is lined with Cherry Trees on both sides.

Is this his/her idea home and location:

She likes the location and her home but hopes to buy her own home someday.

If not, what would he/she prefer?

Alexis is a lover of the ocean, and would like to own a home that is isolated, on the beach, yet close to town. She loves to stare at the ocean, think and dream. She finds the ocean to be inspirational and helpful in her work and hopes to share this perfect home with Mr. Right, but lately has yearned for isolation and the quiet life.

Home decor (check all that apply) __Expensive __Inexpensive _X_Carefully planned
_X_Comfortable _X_Neat __Cluttered

When someone walks in, what is his/her first impression?

That she is neat, clean and careful with money.


__No (why?) _X_Yes
If yes, what kind and how many? Names?
She has one orange and white cat named Captain Kirk and one small shaggy cream colored mixed breed that she rescued from the animal shelter by the name of Jack.

How important are they? How are they treated?

They very important to her and she treats them both very well to the point of spoiling them.
They want for nothing and when referring to them she calls them her children. If her work calls her out of town she boards them for proper care.

Current occupation:

Alexis is a FBI agent for the government. She has work there for the past five years and has presented herself as an journalist for the San Francisco Chronicle and/or terrorist and others what ever the assignment called for. Her favorite part of the job is going out in the field and bringing down and solving the case herself with little to no help. She is very good and talented at her job because she is smart has excellent people/acting skills.

Income level:

Currently she earns 25,000 per year even though she constantly places her life in danger.


West Marin Elementary - K - 8th grade
Tomales High School - 9th - 12th grades
Standford University - Freshman - Senior years - majored in Journalism
LA Art Institute - received mastered in Photography - used in work and as a hobby
Graduated all schools on the honor roll.

Does s/he drive? What kind of car does s/he own, if any?

Alexis owns a cherry red 1965 mustang that she received from her uncle on her 16th birthday. She drives it everyday even though it brings back painful memories, to remind her to never fully trust anyone. She likes it but at this time she cannot afford a new car.

(e.g. straight, gay, bisexual, asexual, unsure…)

Alexis is straight, although she has been approached several times by other women. At the age of 14 she was raped by her uncle, Rahl, which has left a scar in her life.

Marital status:

Not married

If married or romantically involved, with whom and for how long:

Was involved with a co-worker, Tom Porter for 4 years until she accidentally and unintentionally blew his cover and he killed by Grace DeNato’s right-hand man. She took her husband’s place, as the head of the drug cartel dealing out of South America when he died.

List any significant previous romantic partners:

Tom Porter

For current spouse/partner, what does the character call him/her (pet names, nicknames, etc.)?


Any children (Include names, ages, other parent if different from current partner):

Alexis became pregnant by her uncle Rahl and gave the baby girl up for adoption.

Describe relationship with each child, if any:

None/ often thinks of her but has no contact nor does she speak of her to anyone.


Height: 5’6”

Weight: 125lbs.

What is his/her body type (skinny, slim, athletic, curvy, overweight, muscular, etc.:

Athletic, curvy and muscular - Works out to keep strong and in shape

Eye color:


Does s/he wear glasses? Contacts? Hearing aide?:

Alexis wears glasses for reading only and always carries them with her. They are dark rimmed thin oblong shaped.

Skin tone (pale, ivory, ruddy, tan, olive, brown, black, etc):

Tan - lays out whenever she can

Any prominent features, freckles/moles/scars/tattoos/other distinguishing marks?:

Alexis has one small mole on her right breast and a tattoo of a dragon stretching across her lower back breathing fire.

Face shape (round, oval, thin, long, square, heart-shaped,etc.):


Whom does s/he most look like (e.g.famous person or relative)?:

Her mother

General health (good, excellent, poor)?:

Excellent health

Any chronic conditions?

No none

Any current health problems?

Occasional episodes of depression since Tom’s death


How does s/he dress:

__Expensive _X_Average __Inexpensive __Cheap

Price:$100 to 200 when she shops according to how much she buys.


__Haute Couture __Conservative __Trendy __Eclectic _X_Business X__Sexy __Gaudy _X_Casual __Sloppy

Does s/he dress to be noticed? Why?:

No, she dresses to be herself, comfortable in the weather, and to look professional at work. She also dresses according to her assignment to be convincing.

Any special jewelry?:

She wears a gold locket.

If so, why is it special?

It has a picture of her mother and father inside and was given to her by her Solomon, a friend of her father who raised her, since the age of five.

Other accessories?

She wears a small gold watch on her left wrist and no other jewelry. She has never been fond of diamonds, because of the history that has been attached to them. She has heard of them beening extracted from areas of conflict but never understood the depth of the situation.


_X_Every hair in place, very neat (Why)? She believes in looking professional and show respect for one’s self.
__Clean but sloppy __Unkempt X__According to her assignment (Why)?

Hairstyle: (Long, short, crewcut, locs, bangs, side-part, etc):

Alexis’ hair is long, below her shoulders, about to mid way to her upper arm. She has no bangs and wears it parted on the right side.

Natural hair texture: (thick, thin, wiry, smooth, wavy, curly, nappy, etc.):

Her hair is very thick and smooth.

Current hair texture if different from above:


Natural hair color:

Natural hair color is blond.

Current hair color (if different from above):

Blond, but occasionally has to change according to assignment


Pace (does she/he talk fast, average,slow)?

The pace of her speech is average, soft yet when she means business is quite firm.

Accent or dialect, if any:

No accent except when assignment requires it

Voice tone - Shrill, high, average, deep, squeaky, hoarse, harsh, authoritative, cultured, etc):

Tone of voice is average, however is authoritative when occasion calls for it. She has a natural way of speaking, nothing false.

Average tone of voice:


Any favorite/habitual words/ phrases/ curse words:

Alexis does not curse, but she will use the word damn on occasion. She does not like the sound of cuss words. No favorite/habitual words or phrases.

Describe general vocabulary or speech pattern (e.g educated, precise, pretentious, average, childish, uneducated, vulgar…)

Alexis uses an educated vocabulary and speech pattern, that is how she was raised.


_X_Cool/Confident __Volatile/moody __ Nervous/fidgety/shy- if upset or angry __other

Typical posture:

_X_Stands straight but not stiff __Average, varies with mood __Slumped and defeated
__Slouchy, careless __Relaxed __Other


__Doesn’t gesture much _X_Deliberate and controlled _X_Only when excited/upset __Most of the time __Wildly/weirdly X__Deep in thought

Common gestures (e.g. nail-biting, hair patting, drumming fingers, clenched fists, hands in pockets, etc.)

She does have a habit of rubbing her right eyebrow with her right index and middle fingers when deep in thought.


When not on assignment she reads, listens to music and stares out at the ocean

Finances: (prudent/cautious, average w/some debt, lives paycheck to pay check, deep in debt, criminal activity, etc.):

Alexis’ finances are prudent/cautious. She doesn’t believe in debt. Solomon, who raised her, had a gambling problem and was always deep in debt. She remembers on occasion when men would come to the house to collect their money.

Describe any personal habits, (e.g. smoking, drinking, drugs, gambling, etc)
Are any of these addictions?

Alexis smokes Marlboro cigarettes and drinks. She especially likes tall salty dogs, but will drink beer also. The smoking is addictive, but the drinking is occasionally.

Morning routine:

When at home she wakes up every morning at 4am. After checking each room of the house as a security measure, she showers, makes coffee and her breakfast. She eats only bacon, extra crispy, and toast. She showers, dresses and leaves for the house, work.


Now describe the character’s workday or afternoon behavior:

She arrives at work no later than 7:30am if not called in sooner. The on-going cases are discussed by each co-worker, bringing each other up to speed. If a new case has opened up then she and her partner,Doug Percy, continue or start an investigation.

Does s/he work out the home?


How does s/he get there?

Her car

Does s/he anticipate, dread resent the work ahead?

She,until lately, has always anticipated the work ahead. It made her feel important and that she made a difference

Does s/he give the job genuine attention and effort?


Does s/he enjoy this work?


Is s/he good at this job?


What would s/he rather be doing?


How long and how hard is the work day?

Her line of work can be all day and night. Due to her type of work it can be extremely dangerous and challenging.

Does s/he stop for lunch? Where?

Only sometimes


At home cooks for herself, on assignment she makes sure the person being investigated to ask her out while she tries to extract information


At home, watches t.v. or reads; on assignment, what she has to


At home goes to bed by 9pm


Shooting, archery and horse back riding; very talented with gaining trust from both people and animals

What is s/he partially unskilled at?


Any hobbies(sports,arts, collecting, gaming,etc.)

Likes to watch football


Home town (if different from current town)


Was his/her childhood happy? Troubled? Dull? (Does the character remember it accurately?)

Her childhood was happy and secure, however, she was closest to her mother because her father seemed to be always gone

Earliest memory?

When she took a piece of bubble gum from the store and her father caught her. She punished by having it hanged from the breakfast bar in front of her for a week

Saddest memory?

The day her new puppy died. He had gotten really sick and her mother took him to the vet and he never came back home. That was the same day that her father never came home and her mother refused to tell her why.

Happiest memory?

It was her fifth birthday and her mother gave her a birthday party. She had never had one before, and her father took her and her friends to the zoo to see the animals and go pony riding.

How much school did s/he attend,if any?

All, she graduated from Stanford University

Did s/he like school? Why or why not?

She liked school and used it to her advantage

Most significant childhood event?

The day, at the age of fifteen, she returned to her childhood home and found the box of letters that was hidden in the rafters in the basement that told her who both her her parents were in foreign intelligence.

Other significant event/s?

The day day that her mother took her over to Solomon’s house, argued with him, and never came back for her.

Significant past jobs?

She worked at a gun/shooting range through college where she picked up her expertise on guns and as a detective

Any police record?


If so, what was the arrest for? When/where?


Convictions? Sentence(s) served?


First crush or romantic love?

Tom, she was a virgin until she became involved with him

What was his/her first sexual experience?

She was a virgin until Tom.

Is it a positive/negative memory?

Very positive for her

Major accidents/traumas


How is s/he still affected, if at all?



Mother’s name (include maiden name if known/applicable)

Lives under the name of Chavonn (Martin) Benson
Real name is Katia Shalinisky

Mother’s current status: __Living __Deceased_X__Missing (If living, her age:) 55 yrs.

Mother’s occupation: (if any)


Describe mother’s relationship with character:

Hasn’t seen her since the age of five

Father’s name:

Lives under his real name of Thomas Richard Benson

Father’s current status: __Living __Deceased_X__Missing (If living, his age:)

Father’s occupation: (if any)

Foreign intelligence

Describe father’s relationship with character:

She hasn’t seen him since the age of five

Any step-parents, foster parents, actual birth parents if not the same as above:

Solomon has raised her as his own since the age of five

If adopted, does s/he know?


Any siblings (include age and birth order, e.g. relative to main character)


Relationship with each:


Nieces/Nephews, if any?


In-laws, if any?


Other than the above, who else in the story is part of his/her extended family (e.g. cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents?)



Who, if anyone, is his/her best or closest friend?

No one Alexis does not trust anyone fully including her partner

Other close friend?


How in general does s/he react to or is perceived by:

Friends: Cunning, strong willed and inquisitive

Strangers: Same as above

Spouse/lover: Tom thought that she was loving and trustworthy

Past spouse/lovers: N/A

Own children, if any: N/A

Other family members: N/A

The opposite sex: beautiful, cunning, strong willed and inquisitive

Children in general: N/A

Others who are more successful: cunning, strong-willed, and inquisitive

Others who are less successful:


Boss (if any):

Trusts her judgment

Underlings at work:

With respect





Anyone who challenges him or her:


Anyone who angers him or her:

They were worried about her degree of retaliation she imposed

Anyone who asks for help:

Alexis would honestly help anyone who needed her help

What do most people consider likable about him/her:

Her personality

What do most people consider his/her biggest flaw:

Her secretiveness

Any secret attractions? If so, does the other person know it? Has there been any romantic/sexual activity?


In romantic relationships is s/he generally monogamous or uncommitted? (If the latter, is s/he honest with partners)

She was always monogamous

Is his/her sexual behavior inhibited, average, experimental, or reckless? Has this changed?(If so, why)

Inhibited because she never got over Tom

Whom does s/he dislike the most, and why?

Any one that she thinks poses a threat to her and/or the US

Whom does s/he like the most, and why?

No one

Who’s the most important person in his/her life and why?

Solomon because he raised her, provided security, and love

Whom does s/he admire (non-romantic), and why?

Solomon because he provided and showed her the value of life

Biggest influence,and why (famous or not)?


Whom (if anyone) does s/he consider an enemy, and why?

Everyone that she feels threatened by

Person s/he most misunderstands or misjudges?

Government agents

Person who most misunderstands or misjudges him or her?

Her co-workers when they don’t understand her decisions or actions

Has s/he lost touch with anyone who was once significant in his/her life? If so, why?

Her parents, she understood why until she was fifteen and found the box of letters

Worst end of a relationship (could be friend, romantic, colleague…)?

When her mother left her and later the death of Solomon

Whom does s/he most rely on for practical advice?

Her boss

Whom, if anyone, does s/he support (e.g. advice or emotional support)?

She does have a secret friend that is considered a fugitive, Carlton


Any psychological issues (e.g. phobias, depression, paranoia, narcissism, etc)?


Is s/he an optimist or pessimist?


Meyers Briggs Personality Type:

Most comfortable when…
(alone, hanging with friends, drinking, etc…)

Alone with a drink

Most uncomfortable when…
(in a crowd, alone, speaking in public, etc…)

In a crowd

Is s/he cautious, brave, or reckless in his/her approach to life?


What does s/he most value/prioritize (family, money success, religion, life,etc)?


Whom does s/he really love best?

Her friend Carlton

What would s/he be willing to die for?

Freedom and honesty

Is s/he generally compassionate, sensitive to others, or self involved/selfish, oblivious?

Sensitive to others

Personal philosophy:

What is his/her biggest embarrassment?

The abandonment by her parents

What is his/her greatest wish?

To find someone who really cares

Any prejudices (race, culture, sexuality, religion, etc)?

Non-verbalized nor outwardly expressed, she was prejudiced against Yemens. She felt that they torn her family apart.

Political party or beliefs, if any?


Does s/he believe in fate or destiny? Is s/he superstitious?

She believes in destiny and no she is not superstitious, although she is very cautious around foreigners

Character’s greatest strengths:

Being strong-willed and the ability to speak any language and their accent when speaking English

Character’s greatest flaws:


Other good characteristics:

Cunning and inquisitiveness

Other character flaws:


What are his/her own favorite attributes (physical and personality)?

Her personality

What about the least favorite?

Physical, she is always working out

Are these feelings accurate?


How does s/he think others perceive him or her? (and is this accurate)?

The same and yes

Biggest regret?

Revealing Tom’s cover and getting him killed

Other regrets?

Never seeing her parents again

Proudest accomplishment?

Graduating from Quantico in the top ten

Other accomplishments?

None that she wishes to boast about

Biggest secret(s)?

Her affiliation with the FBI

Does anyone else know these secrets?

No not now, since Tom was dead

If yes, how were they revealed?

They both worked and met through the agency

How does s/he react to a crisis?

She stays calm almost too cool

What usually causes the problems in his/her life (romance, finances, friends, colleagues, personality flaws, health, family, etc)?

None since she keeps to herself and she allows no personal contact

How does s/he react to change?

Keeps herself under control


What would s/he most like to change about her-himself, and why?

Nothing, she likes herself

Write a paragraph (~100 words) of the character describing him/herself:

Short term goals:

To solve the case (crisis) on hand

Long term goals:

To marry and have children

Does s/he plan to achieve these goals,or does he/she think they’re unrealistic?

She knows that the short-term goals are realistic and solvable but he she doesn’t place any faith in her long term-goals.

Will others be affected?

Yes, her partner who is secretly in love with her

If yes, how and will it matter to the character?

No, she is unaware

What, if anything, is stopping him/her from achieving these goals?

Nothing from the short-term but she doesn’t believe in her long-term any more

What does he/she actively work to gain, keep, or protect?

Her self respect

What event or occurrence does he/she most dread or fear?


Which person in his/her life would s/he least want to emulate?-

The Director of the Agency, for some reason, more of a feeling, she feels that she can’t trust her.



Tacos, fish, steak


Water, Vodka, Scotch, Soda


Blue, Grey, Black, Red




Westerns, Adventurous


Country/ Rocket Man


Crime but doesn’t watch much TV




For more pictures go to: http://us.yhs4.search.yahoo.com/yhs/search?hspart=iry&hsimp=yhs-fullyhosted_003&...¶m1=1¶m2=cd%3D2XzuyEtN2Y1L1Qzu0B0CzzyDyDyCyC0E0A0AyE0FyDtDyDyBtN0D0Tzu0StCtCtCtDtN1L2XzutAtFyBtFtCtFyEtN1L1CzutCyEtBzytDyD1V1BtAtN1L1G1B1V1N2Y1L1Qzu2StCtDyBtAzz0DyDtBtG0DtAyBtDtGyDyCyEtCtGtCtDzztCtGtD0AtAtD0AtA0FtD0D0EtDyC2QtN1M1F1B2Z1V1N2Y1L1Qzu2SyDtD0DyCtDyEzyzztGtCyDyByEtGyEyEyBtCtGzyyE0EyBtGtCtD0Fzz0E0FtAtC0FyDtAzy2Q%26cr%3D346969607%26ir%3D142905_s3%26elng%3Den%26elcl%3Dus%26a%3Dvst_dnldstr_15_03_ch%26f%3D4%26cat%3Dweb%26ulng%3Den-US%252Cen%253Bq%253D0.5%26sid%3D020cad3429
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