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October Nano Prep 2015
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# 3 Contest Round: The Night-time Fay
Assignment # 3: WC 830

The Night-time Fay

Alexis was fives old when she arrived at St. Anne's orphanage. Two women, Miss Oliver who was kind and gentle, and Ms. Spencer who had a long face and a long pointed pose and carried a ruler. These women cared for the children and split them as they arrived. Miss Oliver usually took the older children while Ms. Spencer, the younger ones.

That night, instead of Ms. Spencer coming to insure that Alexis was in bed, Miss Oliver came instead. She came over to Alexis and tucked her in like her mother use to do. Small tears moistened Alexis' eyelashes.
"Don't cry, Alexis," smiled Miss Oliver.
"I just miss Mama so much," Alexis replied.
"I know, but I bet you are going to have a special visitor tonight, and she is waiting. She is the night-time fay, and she loves all the children. Now, it is time to close your eyes and go to sleep," Miss Oliver said and gave her a small wink.

Alexis opened her eyes and instead of being surrounded with the blackness of night, she sat in the hue of dark blue. Suddenly, she was found herself walking the through the snow-covered streets of New York City. She that it had to be cold, but she didn't feel cold. She walked for what seemed like hours. It was then she saw a small girl and boy, about her age, huddled in a corner against a large church. She could hear them crying as became closer. She walked over to them, sat between them, and gently slipped her arms around their shoulders.
"Its ok, everything is going to be alright. My name is Alexis, what's yours," she stated and asked.
"My name is Nathan," replied the boy.
"My name is Gabriella," replied the girl.
"Ok, Nathan and Gabriella, what do you say to walking with me to help you feel a little warmer? Nodding theirs heads up and down, they all continued down the snow-covered street linked arm-in-arm. It wasn't long before Alexis had them laughing, giggling, and sharing their life stories. It then that Alexis pulled them to a stop.
"Did you hear that?"
"Hear what?" asked Nathan.
"Yea, it is coming from the trash dumper," replied Gabriella.
Together they ran over and tried to peer inside. Unable to see, Nathan locked his fingers together. Alexis placed her foot in his hands and pulled herself up.
"Nathan, Gabriella, there is a little black bag in here moving around, making noise!"
"Can you lift it and hand it here?" asked Nathan.
Alexis gently lifted the squirming bag ad handed it to Nathan before climbing out of the dumpster. Together they opened the bag and a puppy stuck his head out.
"Oh my goodness! Isn't he cute, he is all white covered with black spots!" exclaimed Gabriella.
"Yea, let's call him Spotty, Ok?" asked Alexis.
Spotty was so glad to see that he jumped up licking each one on the cheeks several times.

Alexis felt a jingle in her right pocket of her coat and noticed a blue hue illuminating from it. She stood to see what it could possibly be. She slowly slipped her hand in and withdrew four dollars.
"Look everyone, I have four dollars. That is enough to buy each one of us and Spotty too a warm bowl of soup from that Diner up ahead. Come on let's go." The children and Spotty began running towards the Diner. Reaching the Diner door first, Alexis turned to check on her new friends—they were no where in sight, even Spotty. Sad and alone, she turned back to where the Diner should have been—it there was no Dinner and the money that she gripped tightly in her hand was also gone. Her surroundings disappeared they were swallowed by the blackness of night Rising from the ground was the blue mist that she had seen earlier that night.

Alexis woke to the first bell of the day indicating breakfast time. She scrambled out of bed, quickly dressed, made her bed, and scurried towards the dinning room. Ms. Spencer didn't like tardiness. The punishment for being late was to feel the sting and hear the crackle of her ruler across your knuckles. Alexis finished her chores and went outside to sit under the large apple tree. She felt so sad as she remembered her new friends from last night. Where did they go? Did she dream them up? she wondered. Her thoughts by Malcom calling her name.
"Alexis come here, I want you to meet the new arrivals to St. Anne's, they say that they are really good at baseball."
Alexis rose to her feet and slowly began to walk towards Malcom. She came to a sudden stop. Next to Malcom stood Nathan, Gabriella, and Spotty. Alexis squealed and the rest of the way. They huddled in a circle with Spotty in the middle, jumping up and down, and licking them on their cheeks.

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