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October Nano Prep 2015
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Assignment # 5 - Freestyle Brainstorm and Bonus

1. A young girl yearns for her parents. Her father never came back after her fifth birthday party that he gave her at which he took her and her friends to the zoo.

2. A mysterious close friend of her father came to live with her after her mother disappeared.

2a. Her father's friend dies when she is sixteen under mysterious condition leaving her with a multitude of unanswered questions.

2b. Mysterious things begin to happen to her addressing her by a strange name.

2c. At seventeen she finds a box of old letters tucked away in the rafters of the basement. They were of correspondence between her parents giving her only partial answerers.

3. Constantly asking and searching for answers, she is constantly ignored and begins think that they have met ill ends causing her grow distrusting of everything and everyone. Except two people, Vanessa and Marshall.
1. No birth records
2. No marriage records
3. No property purchase
4. No rental agreement

4. She begins training herself to meet any obstacle, and/or human that stands in the way of her finding the truth—through education, working out and work related means.

5. After a couple of years at the agency and still no satisfactory answers, she decides to quit and move to a small peaceful town in Montana.

6. Vanessa calls her begging her to take one last assignment. Puzzled by the urgency in her voice she decides to travel to Vienna to find out.

7. To her surprise she is met at the train station by Marshall and a man whom he addressed as Saeed.

8. Marshall discloses to Alexis that he knows that Vanessa contacted her and it has something to do with her parents relating to the Syndicate.

9. Also informs her that Vanessa is nowhere to be found.

10. Alexis begins her own investigation, to find Vanessa and discover what was so upsetting to her.

11. Marshall was hired by a Syndicate member to enter Alexis' life and convince her that he was in love with her.

12. Saeed, a quiet, standoffish and mysterious man falls in love with Alexis and finds himself protecting her. He was born and raised in Islam. He came stateside when he was 23 and the Syndicate was in full swing. He became involved when hired by looking for its leader. He was to this leader back to________________________.

13. Vanessa is a co-worker of Alexis and fulfilling an assignment in Vienna, she inadvertly came across the flash drive and hid it.

14. Vanessa had a secret hobby of collecting figurines, her favorite were ceramic ballerinas. She had always dreamed of becoming a ballerina.
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