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October Nano Prep 2015
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Assignment- # 6 Outline
Outline - Traditional Style

Outline and Brainstorming

Premise: #1

A cunning, yet self doubting FBI agent decides to withdraw from the agency and move to a small, quiet Montana town when she is contacted by a friend and co-worker begging her to take one last assignment in Vienna. Puzzled by the urgency in her voice, she decides to travel to Vienna where she meets and teams with two men who offer their assistance but appear to have agendas of their own.

Premise #2

A young FBI agent desiring to get away from the life of espionage finds herself in danger and trapped in one last assignment.


A young FBI agent life is threatened after learning the true identity of her parents as well as her own

Black = Beginning - Alexis sat facing the grave site. The sky was overcast, as it should be on a day like today. Today she burying

Alexis watched the muscles of Father Spears face contract as he mouthed each word of the Eulogy. Her own mind, completely blocked, by the growing cement wall of questions, denied all processing of any new data making it seem as though The Father's words were falling deaf ears. She was void of all emotion as though she was the one that occupied the shell of the body left behind. Within the silver casket heavily laced with red and white roses, was Sam.

- climax

- ending

Secrets - (Working Title)


Scene Action

Ch. 1 Sc. !

I. What does POV character want in this scene?

                    Sam dies at the beginning of the chapter.
                             1. wonders her own feelings are.
                             2. Sam has raised her since the age of five, which the last time she saw her parents. She has seen death many times and even created it on the basis of her job.
                             3. She felt void of emotion. During the funeral service and after as she slowly walked up the grassy slope away from the gravesite, being by Marshall
                             4. Had to dismiss Marshall when she got home stating that she wanted to be alone to think.

         1. Becomes teary when looking around house that she grew up in because planning to move to a small country cottage she bought outside the small town Big Sky in Montana, and finally break with her then boyfriend and co-worker, Marshall. behind. She likes him a lot but always that could completely trust him.
                   1a. Seeing Marshall for dinner and hasn't told him yet. and desperately and wanting to talk to Vanessa, who was in Vienna.
         a. leaving all of parents things behind.{/indent}
         b. not sure of their identity or even her own.{/indent}
         c. Sam died at the age of 30 she finds box of letters in rafters of basement, the one room she was never allowed, after discovering the two men across the street at the park watching the house{/indent}
         d. letters in foreign language that she didn't recognize. Hoping to get translated.{/indent}
         e. country cottage brings smile thinks about getting away from all the mystery.{/indent}
         f. Had been a member for the past 5 years

II. Reader knows what the character wants to accomplish

         1. knows that she wants to withdraw from agency
         2. move a small country cottage in Montana
         3. talk with Vanessa once more
         4. Wants to split with Marshall
         5. Curious about why being watched, letters and message from Vanessa

III. Who or what gets in her way

         1. Receives mysterious phone call:
                   a. recognizes Vanessa's voice
                   b. hears 3 words before phone goes dead.—Flash—ballerina—9-11
                   c. message and tone of voice worries Alexis

         2.Marshall calls

                   a. warns her not to go to Vienna—her life would be in danger
                   b. concerns Alexis how he knew that she might be considering it.
                   c. has to continue to work for the agency full-time, for people that she doesn't completely trust
                   d. has to search for a mysterious item which could lead to the betrayal of a close friend

         3. CIA Director calls

                   a. forbids her to go Vienna
                   b. threatens her with the charge of treason if she does
                   c. notices men(agents) watching her house
                   d. hasn't a way out of the house without being noticed

IV. Does character accomplish or fail to obtain her goal:

Yes and No, Alexis does not accomplish her carefully laid out plans, however determined to find a way out of the house

Bring basement thoughts in here.

V. Raw emotion: How does character feel after success or failure

         1. anger, has to forego moving to her cottage, stuck in relationship with Marshall( doesn't trust him but needs to find out what he knows unable to get a hold of Vanessa, stuck working with the FBI, and the letters that held the secrets between her parents would have to wait.
         2. guilt- Vanessa was always there for her and now it was obvious she was in need of her help
         3. the feeling being trapped which her anger and woke her stubbornness.

VI. Thoughts and/or memories evoked by success or memories

         1. she immediately thought of the basement
         2. she found the letters but there had to be something else that they did not want her to see
         3. she always got in trouble if she was caught near its entrance
         4. she knew that she would seen and followed if she left the house.

VII. Decision: What does the character decide to do now:

         1. There had to be something else in the basement, besides the letters, that they didn't want her to find
         2. she down to the basement and began to look around, starting with the ceiling and the rafters, went wall to wall and moving things away from them, inspecting each wall. Then the floor noticing a very light difference in color in the floor boards
         3. saw that led down, she grabbed a flashlight and climbed down to check out. she was in a tunnel that she was sure that led out after following it for a ways. she ran back and put the basement and put everything back as it was.
         4. Unsure of the exact point of emergence, she decided to wait until after dark, put all lights and t.v. on timers to make life seem routine.

D. Seated next to elderly woman

1. More of Alexis' past than Alexis knows

1a. recognizes Marshall when disembarks the plane and tries to give Alexis a warning sign with a squeeze of the hand

2a. Followed in the restroom by Alexis, elderly woman not seen again
E. Continues search for Vanessa, cannot find

1. Marshall comes up from behind and places hand on her shoulder -Need reaction

F. Drills Marshall on his presence

1. feels it strange

2. Marshall introduces Omar—calls him his friend.

3. Claims that he knows the reason she is here because of Vanessa

4. Offers his and Omar's assistance.

G. Has strange feeling that she can't overcome and questions - Foreshadowing of facts

H. Later learns of Vanessa's death and how

1. Killed in a car bomb- red herring

2. Unable to get satisfactory answers.

3. Begins own investigation

4. Goes to Vanessa's apartment

Marshall and Omar go with her even though she protests

Discovers that someone's has already been there

Satisfy the following—

Scene Goal: - What does the POV want?

Statement of goal: Does the reader know what your character wants to accomplish

Complication - Who or what gets in the way of what the character wants

Does the character fail -If so, close scene

Does the character achieve the goal

Scene Reaction

Raw emotion




1. Alexis is beginning uncover Marshall's role

a) goes back to apartment alone and discovers lead - glass ballerina

2. Begins to learn of Vanessa's involvement in the black market, multinational agents and learns of her Russian boyfriend

3. starts to become involved with Omar., at the same extract info from him

4. has not shared info of Vanessa's cryptic message

Satisfy questions above

b| Alexis learns of Marshall's involvement

Learns Omar's true identity

Finds the flash drive

Kills Marshall

Runs into elderly woman - who secretly passes her a note to go to pier 17 -warehouse 3 at midnight

Finds Vanessa - alive. - cliffhanger

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