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Entries for the "December Advent Challenge" 2015
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The Conclusion
When I came across "Invalid Item, I though it sounded like a fun activity to take part in and earn a merit badge during the month of December, besides, I had just finished the “I Write” challenge so had some WDC time on my hands *Smile*.

Sometimes I am reluctant to get involved in challenges on WDC where you have to take part every day as I don’t always have the time with a full time job and a busy social life! But 11 days out of 24 to win a winter MB seemed achievable so I got involved – and I’m glad I did, as through this activity I have made new friends and created a new item which I haven’t attempted before –the “book” item which you are reading at the moment! I have also, inadvertently through the activity, written 7 Christmas carol parodies for "Invalid Item!

Thinking about my favourite challenge – well I would probably have to say day 6 “Send a gift” because it was the easiest (even though that’s lazy of me) !! I also liked “Welcome a newbie” and “Write a poem about a naughty elf” –the latter is something I would never normally have written but it turned out to be quite funny and was even picked as the favourite for that day.

The challenges I found hardest to fit in were the reviewing ones, because I find these the most time consuming, especially on a week day, and I have to be logged on to WDC to do them (writing poems and stories I can do anywhere, on paper and then quickly type them up when I get home).

My least favourite challenge was writing about my non-existent “muse” *Laugh* *Facepalm* !

Having said that, I think the great thing about this activity is that the challenges were varied and often open to interpretation – “Create something” and “Enter a contest” for example leave it up to the participant. The poems and stories, again, could be as complex or simple as you liked.

I can definitely say I have enjoyed taking part in "Invalid Item and would do it again. Every morning this month I have woken up and, still in bed, checked the forum on my phone to see what that day’s challenge was – it will be weird not doing that tomorrow! I don’t have anything negative to say about the activity – lazymarionette has been great at promptly updating the forum and sending out the day’s prizes, which I think is really important in an activity like this. Although I was a bit miffed initially that the challenges had to be completed on the same day and you couldn't play "catch up" as it were, I now think it works better this way. It adds something to the community feel where we are all checking in and posting every day. What's more - the winter merit badge I was going for has ended up as a much bigger prize!*Bigsmile*. I can only say it's a shame for all those members who have missed out on taking part and earning some easy prizes!! *Shock*

So 5 *Star* *Star* *Star* *Star* *Star*'s for lazymarionette and her "Invalid Item.....

I wish you, and all my fellow DAC-ers, Choconut , amyjo-Keeping it real and fun! , Prosperous Snow Moving Forward , Fi , GaelicQueen , auji2029, Motivated_Man , ANN Counselor, Lesbian & Happy , ohsoquiet, ElizabethHayes -AutumnMistress , Alexi , Rebecca , S Ferguson~ Prepping for Prep , r.a.garcia, Spacecat , inkwell , Jen~ and thebusman

*XMasTree* *Heart* *Smile* A VERY HAPPY CHRISTMAS AND A WONDERFUL NEW YEARS!! *Smile* *Heart* *XMasTree*

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