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Life with Jody--former Soldier (medically retired), writer (in training), and lots more
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Revised Badge Buying Opinion, Using Onto/On to, and Ratings
Howdy once again!

Well, after some consideration, I'm changing my mind on this whole "buying badges" thing. Granted, I've changed it already and then forgotten (minor traumatic brain injury and all), but I'm again changing it and maybe this time it will stick. *Smile* I previously had a moral objection to the idea that I could pay money and magically receive a badge. Keep in mind, I was doing it anyway, but still, there was a moral objection to my own behavior...not the first time this has happened and not the last, I'm sure. lol

ANYWAY, several people have brought to my attention that I'm not "buying" a badge but that the group is "rewarding" me for my "donation." I can see this. It makes sense and makes me feel a lot better about my behavior. Hahaha I just hope I can continue to hold on to that.

Unexpected Topic: When to use "onto" vs. "on to." I just had to look it up for the last sentence in my previous paragraph, so I thought I'd enlighten anyone who didn't already know. *Smile*

The following is from http://data.grammarbook.com/blog/definitions/on-to-vs-onto/.

On to vs. Onto
Rule 1: In general, use onto as one word to mean “on top of,” “to a position on,” “upon.”

He climbed onto the roof.
Let’s step onto the dance floor.

Rule 2: Use onto when you mean “fully aware of,” “informed about.”

I’m onto your scheme.
We canceled Julia’s surprise party when we realized she was onto our plan.

Rule 3: Use on to, two words, when on is part of the verb.

We canceled Julia’s surprise party when we realized she caught on to our plan. (caught on is a phrasal verb)
I’m going to log on to the computer. (log on is a phrasal verb)

I'm pretty sure "hold on" is a phrasal verb, thus I believe I used it correctly. Well, mostly, I don't think it fits rules 1 and 2, so it must be 3. But I've been wrong about grammar once or twice before, so...lol But I'm sure the rules are right, even if my usage of them isn't always. *Bigsmile*

Back on track...where was I going with this today...

"Drive-by Ratings" is what I call when folks just give a low rating and leave no feedback. Oddly, I've never had a drive-by rating that was high. Also, all of mine but one were done by a certain individual who, conveniently, had all their own stuff set to private. I think they just like raining on people's parades. *Pthb* Thankfully, someone (and I can't remember who *Frown* ) taught me about the Advanced button so I could set everything to "Rating Requires Review." Whew! Now that meany can't bother me anymore. I encourage everyone to do the same!

Well, my friend, Karen, is gone. She's a wonderful person and it was sweet of her to drive almost 3 hours (one way) to come visit me and to make sure I was doing okay. She also dropped off some supplies like blankets since I didn't think to bring any being that I moved here in May and I assumed it would be warm. But it's the mountains, so not so much...at least not at night. lol Anyway, I met Karen when she was taking care of my mom one of the times my mom was hospitalized before she died. Karen was the best nurse there! She was new to the area and we became friends. That was nearly 20 years ago. She's one of the nicest people I know. *Bigsmile*

There was some confusion about where the Advanced button is to prevent drive-by raters and this is too important to let go, in my opinion. You can't do it for your whole portfolio at once. You have to set it for each individual piece of writing.

When you are in edit mode, look below the part where you set the rating, genre, etc. and just below the block you use to write the key search words. You'll see in big letters "+ EDIT POINTS" and then "+ADVANCED" just above the copyright block of writing. Click the Advanced button and the third one down probably says, "Unrestricted Rating and Reviewing." You want to set this to "Rating Requires Review" or something else to prevent those drive-by raters. GOOD LUCK and let me know if you still need help finding this!

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