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Life with Jody--former Soldier (medically retired), writer (in training), and lots more
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Links and Sundries


First off today, I'd like to give a shout out to some really awesome pages I've found. You guys probably already know about them, but still, I'm a newbie, so humor me:

GabriellaR45 has been going through some stuff, but she's getting things back together and will be again working with this wonderful group soon! I look forward to the great things she'll bring about!
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#1177922 by GabriellaR45

There's also the following and a whole lot more connected...
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Looking for a group to help you become and stay thin? Look no further... They're also approaching their goal to commission a MB. Help them reach their goal! They've already been encouraging me and we just met! *Bigsmile* Just drop a line to Patrece~So busy!!! if you have questions that aren't answered on their page.
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#2073942 by Patrece~So busy!!!

For this one, I had NO idea which link to pick! Basically the Newbie Academy is totally awesome! I LOVE THEM! There is SO MUCH INFORMATION! Even if you're not a newbie, there's a lot to see and learn. Some places are great for those who are more familiar with WdC to be able to meet and greet newbies. Others are just as useful for everyone, no matter who they are. Get with ~ Sisco ~ Back! for more information. For a list of everything they have to offer (warning, it's a TON), check out "Other NAG Links" on the following page:
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#1890536 by ~ Sisco ~ Back!


Am I the only one that thinks those "[NOTICE] New Notebook Reply" messages multiply faster than drunk 2 rabbits in the back seat of a...well...Rabbit? Seriously. And yes, I know I can cancel them, but I might miss something! I, like most people, hate being left out! lol Then again, if I didn't get those notices, I'd get almost no e-mail at all. *Laugh*

That reminds me, the Livestock Conservancy http://www.LivestockConservancy.org is doing a workshop on raising rabbits soon. Let me go look that up before I forget...okay, I'm back. Did you miss me? (Probably not, ungrateful...KIDDING!) Anyway, for anyone interested, they will have a workshop on July 23 in West Virginia. I put it in my phone. Doesn't mean I'll go, but I might. *Smile* We'll see how I feel as it gets closer. Oh, wait...Game of Thrones...if I go, I'll have to sneak out...shhhh...

So, I almost made a WORLD CLASS BOO-BOO! I thought today was the 28th and Game of Thrones started Saturday! OMG! I would have died (in a desperate effort to escape the VERY painful death ahead of me)! Whew! I'm safe...behind schedule, but safe!

Funny, now that I changed my name to represent that I'm with the White Walkers team in G.o.T., I keep seeing my own name and thinking somehow that it's my fearless leader's, ₩eb₩i₸ch . Seriously, like 6-8 times now. Weird. Why, yes I am. Thank you for noticing. Well, you're certainly welcome. Polite bunch, aren't I? Yes? No? Weird bunch, if nothing else. I'm a bunch of nuts. lol

I TOTALLY forgot AGAIN! (I'm adding this after I was done...like 45 min after.) Yesterday was my 1 month anniversary. THANK YOU WdC for being so wonderful! This has been a very challenging time in my life, but you've really been there to help me, even if it was sometimes only to distract me, but more often than not, to let me know I'm not alone. Thank you! Oh, and again, I DID make my 30 in 30 (30 Community Recognitions in my 1st 30 days)! Thanks for that too!!!

I have a headache. Not interesting enough for you? Well you try to be interesting with a headache...AGAIN KIDDING! I'm feeling feisty tonight! HAHAHAHA BRING IT! Even WITH the headache, I'll make you regret engaging me. Even if you only regret it because it was a waste of your precious time. *Laugh* I'll teach you to mess with me! I can waste time like NOBODY'S BUSINESS!!! Example: today's goal was to write my CLASH story and here it is, 9 pm and I haven't even been to the CLASH page yet. TIME WASTING QUEEN...and the impressive thing is I was on WdC almost the entire time! Yep, like 10 hrs and no CLASH story. I rule. lol

Well, this has been 5 minutes of your life you'll never get back. See? WORLD CLASS time waster...mine AND yours...sucker! Hahaha

Oh, before I go, one piece of trivia I recently learned...the number 1 answer for the password question, "What's your favorite food?" Nah. I shouldn't say. Well, if you were a 'bad guy,' you'd probably already know. Do you even care? Huh? No answer...oh all right, I'll tell you...pizza. Now change your question or at least the answer...and start hating pizza so you don't get confused as to why you changed the answer. *Bigsmile*


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