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Life with Jody--former Soldier (medically retired), writer (in training), and lots more
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3 Prompts and WdC Contests
Howdy Folks!

I hope everyone is well. I'm SURE you ALL have missed my blog. (Don't bother saying you haven't, because I won't believe you! lol) Well, part of the problem is just forgetfulness. Part of the problem is that, honestly, without G.o.T., I haven't had that much to blog about. lol And partly, is laziness or "I'll get to it in a bit"-ness.

3 Prompts

So, to spice things up, I've decided that today I'm going to post 3 story prompt ideas that I like. One is made up by me, to be honest. (Try to guess which one! First person to get right get 1000 GPs!)

Prompt 1--Write something using the homophones Hire, Higher, Flower, Flour, Pour, Pore, and Poor.

Prompt 2--Write something using the quote "That's humans for you. Cut off a limb and it will live, but leave it without oxygen for five minutes and it's done for."

Prompt 3--Write something about a wolf that is struck with a curse. Every full moon, it turns into a human for one night.

I found 2 of these on Pinterest, so no cheating. But after you decide which one I wrote (or after you decide not to enter the contest), I encourage you to hop on Pinterest and check things out. There's SOOOO MUCH ON THERE! There are ideas for stories, lists of hair colors, themes for romance novels, lists of words to use instead of "said," and TONS MORE! Check it out!

WdC Contests

I have to say, I'm disappointed in the contests on WdC. Not that I don't like them, but I thought there were more. lol A number of them are defunct or almost defunct. I wish folks would at least remove those that have been abandoned. Oh well... Folks probably wish I'd rewrite my stories after they review them. Well, I wish that too, actually, but sometimes we just can't have what we want. Hahahaha!

ANYWAY, I made a list of all the contests on WdC with the intent of joining each one at least once. *Bigsmile* I like to set weird goals for myself and this is one of them. lol I even went on "I Write in August-September-October and read every contest entered from page 19 on forward. I'm not sure if there were 20 pages, but my tablet didn't seem to think so. Anyway, I found quite a few "invalid item" contests and several who appear to have become defunct. I only found 1 contest that I think is still active. (It's a Halloween one, so I don't yet know for sure.) I was disappointed.

I thought there were probably hundreds of other contests lurking that I was unaware of. Apparently not? I'm going to check all of the entries for "I Write Romantic in Winter but I don't hold out a lot of hope for a bunch of new stuff. The only other things are contests that you have to be a part of their secret society to enter. There were a number of those. But for all I know, they may well be abandoned too. *Pthb*

I DO think there's still another one, though. I can't seem to find it in my list, of course, I can't remember the name, either, so that doesn't help. It was a weekly contest, I think, run by a male, I think, who was fairly new...like maybe less than a year old. If I recall, his page actually said something like FAQs "Aren't you a newbie?" "I'm glad you asked. Yes, I am. But just because I don't write well doesn't mean I don't know good writing when I read it." Or something like that. lol Does this contest sound familiar to anyone? 1000 GPs to whomever can ID this contest for me! *Smile*

For anyone interested in my list of contests, here it is. "Contest and Challenge Checklist It's not clickable. Maybe I'll work on that one of these days. lol Actually, I'm REALLY GLAD I decided to list this. I thought it would still be on my drop down list, but it wasn't. However, I saw something on there twice. HUH? Turns out I'd saved my "Modern Pentathlon Acrostic twice! Only the other wasn't lined up for some reason. This one needs a bit of tweaking still, but at least it's not all on the left side and confusing to the reader. lol I chose this style because it's supposed to be harder. It didn't seem hard to me. Well, if I'd made it more poetic, it would have been, but it would have been harder even WITHOUT the acrostic if it was more poetic. lol I think the hardest ones are where the END letter spells out the word. Nope! I'm not there yet. lol

Well, I suppose that's enough nonsense for today. Adios, Folks! TTYL

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