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A collection of various short stories and poetry.
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Trick or Treat Witch
Entry for "Invalid Item Day 2 Prompt - use image of a witch for inspiration.

Melissa looked at the door as it produced its alarm. “Another one?”

She adjusted her hat, and picked up the basket as she walked to the door. Looking through the peephole, she saw a boy wearing a bad-looking skeleton outfit, and a little girl dressed up as a warty frog, with a rather bad hat. She groaned at this; the outfits got worse every generation, sometimes every year.

She opened the door, and heard the demand: “Trick or Treat!”

“Here you are,” she said, as she dropped some candy in the children’s bags. “One for you, and one for you.”

“Cool hat,” said the little girl. “I wish mine was as dark as yours.”

“Helps if you use a little starch when you press it,” Melissa said. “Now, off you go. Only thirty minutes left before you have to return home.” She sighed as the kids ran off. Mortals; they didn’t realize the little things they missed as they got older.

She went back to her kitchen, to continue what she was making, when the door opened, and the smell of wet dog entered, and the sound of running feet, plus shrieks of joy. “Good night, Harry?”

A hairy werewolf entered the kitchen. “The children had fun, although they could have gone as something other than a cat and a dragon, and rather bad ones at that.”

Melissa nodded. “It’s not like it was back in our day, when people didn’t wear such ridiculous outfits on All Hollow’s Eve.”

“Remember that time in those woods when we scared that one teacher?” Harry asked. “Poor Heady got the blame for chasing him.”

“I remember,” said Melissa. “That was during the first time we were together.”

“I dislike these Marriage Rotations,” said Harry. “Thirty years of blissful marriage, and then we have to swap for one of the others, and move away from a place we like.”

“We can’t let the mortals know about us, and we must keep the bloodlines flowing,” said Melissa, as she walked up to her husband, and gave him a kiss. “Of course, I have been working on something that will make things interesting tonight.”

Harry’s ears perked up. “Really?”

They were about to kiss again when the doorbell rang.

“Later, after this is all over, and when the kids are asleep,” Melissa said, as she picked up the basket once more, and headed for the door.

“Trick or Treat!” came the demand.

“Wow! Cool hat!” said one of the kids.

“Thank you,” said Melissa. “Here’s a piece for you, and a piece for you, and one for you as well.”

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