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A collection of various short stories and poetry.
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Autumn Forest
Day 4 Entry to "Invalid Item Day 4 Prompt - Poetry Day! Yes, this is the one day during the contest that everyone must write a poem. And before I hear grumbling, there will be a day that everyone has to write a short story. So everyone gets a fair challenge. Today, you need to write a poem about a walk through the woods in autumn. Be as descriptive as possible without using the following words or any variation thereof: tree, leaf, red, yellow, purple, brown, crisp. Example of variations: leaf/leaves, crisp/crispy, etc. However, feel free to use more descriptive words in their place!

Oh the woodlands,
They come in such colors.
Some are like the burning sun,
Others are like a blazing fire,
And still more are like gems.
Oh the woodlands,
There is always a smell,
Of Nature doing what it does best.
Some are rather nice,
While others should be avoided,
Like that skunk den over there.
There is always a treasure to be found,
Sometimes you can find yourself a feast.
Abundant apples,
Plump pears,
Juicy peaches,
Zingy oranges,
Sweet cherries,
And don’t forget those bushes to.
Not to mention the odd grape as well.
You will always find something,
In an Autumn Forest.

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