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A collection of various short stories and poetry.
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Alien Halloween
Day 8 - A UFO has landed on our planet on Halloween. Several aliens have come to Earth to study our culture. Where did they land? What scene did they find? What conclusions will they draw? Be creative here. It can be funny, insightful, creepy, even slightly gory. Do not have the aliens watch a group of trick or treaters and write about how wierd they find us. I will give you a big 0 if you do. Instead write about them coming up on a Wiccan ritual, or to a movie theater where a scary movie is playing, or make up something else entirely fictional. You can write a short story or poem.

Zert looked at himself on his self-viewer. “Gerrg, I look like a fnorg with this stuff on.”

“You’re supposed to look like a fnorg, my zont,” said Gerrg. “I promised Gundra and Zanto I’d keep you safe during your stay on this backwater of a planet, and this will do that, especially today.”

Zert looked in his self-viewer; currently, one of those creatures would say he looked somewhat like something they called a caninewolf, with purple and green fur, and a strange vest. His ears looked pointed, his nose was bigger, he had claws, and his tail was now bushy. He looked at Gerrg. “Why can’t I wear just the imageillusioner?”

His uncle stepped into the room, looking like something the creatures called a rodentrat. “These humans, as they call themselves, haven’t met those from other planets, at least not officially; it’s believed they’ve still got another hundred fifty times around their star before they are finally ready to see some of the other races as they are, plus or minus a decade or two. Their technology is inferior to ours, but it is effective. So are their senses, at least the ones they use – hearing, seeing, touch, even smelling and tasting to a degree. If a human was to grab you, they’d feel the fur you have compared to their lack of fur, scales on your tail, your claws, and more. However, wear a costume, and they’ll think you’re just another kid having fun. That, and the fabric underneath the imageillusion will help to convince themselves of this.”

“Why do they do this?” Zert asked. “What is the deal with these ridiculous outfits?”

“Because, according to human superstition, today is when the spirits of the dead come from the afterlife, and it’s believed that the outfits fool the spirits into thinking that the person wearing the outfit is an unworthy host,” said Gerrg. “Of course, these days, they like dressing up as their favorite heroes and villains, and getting candy.”

“What is candy?” Zert asked.

“Comes in a lot of shapes and forms, but most of it contains Xeount.”

“Xeount!” Zert exclaimed. “But, that’s dangerous!”

“To one of us, it is fatal to ingest, but, unless consumed in seriously large amounts, such as their own body weight, over a period of two hours, most humans have no issues except those with something called diabetes, but even they can have small amounts of it, and in certain cases, it can even save their lives,” said Gerrg. “Of course, in our case, I did make something to help us out with that.” He held out a pill, and gave it to his nephew. “This pill will help break down the Xeount compounds into something we can use. I also have this.” He got out a slim rectangular object. “This is how they purchase things; it’s called a Credit Card, and I have plenty of money on it. So, go and have some fun.”

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