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A collection of various short stories and poetry.
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Ghost Buster
Day 9 - Short Story Day! Below is one of my favorite movie theme songs ever. And it's appropriate that the remake of this movie came out this past summer. Your mission is to write a piece of fanfic about the Ghostbusters. Play the song below for some inspiration as you write! Make sure you put fan fiction as one of your genres and as a disclaimer in your story. The story can be based off the original or the remake, whichever you are most familiar with.

Ghostbusters belong to their rightful owners.

Sam was reading the paper, while sitting in a seat on the subway, when some big fat lady sat on him, well, sat through him.

“Do you mind?”

The lady screamed as she shot out of the seat, crashing into the couple in front of her.

“Sheesh! Can’t even rest in peace in peace,” muttered Sam, as he turned the page.

A shadow came over Sam. “I’m afraid you’re going to have to leave.”

Sam looked over the paper. “Hey! Bill Murray! Liked you in Zombieland, where you died!”

“I’m not him,” said the Bill Murray-look-alike. “Of course, I’m glad you didn’t mention Garfield.”

“Big orange fat cat. I like him in the Funnies better,” said Sam. “Now, go away.”

“I can’t do that.”

Sam heard a strange sound. He looked up and saw a modified vacuum starting up. “Oh! You’re that guy that’s been sucking ghosts up! I know who you are now! Listen, let me finish reading the Sports section – I’m a fan of the Bills, and they’ve been on a winning streak lately!”

“That’s today’s edition?”


“In that case, let me read it with you! I made a bet they’d win and I didn’t catch the game, what with the whole thing with the hotel last night.”

“I’m sure there’s room between me and the side of the train,” said Sam. “What was the bet over?”

“Who gets stuck doing dishes at the fire hall,” the ghostbuster said, as he sat down. “Now, let’s see what happened.”

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