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A collection of various short stories and poetry.
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Hundred Floors of Fright with David Pumpkins
Day 12 - Watch the video below. Use some part of the story or the story as a whole for inspiration to write your own unique story or poem. And be prepared to laugh! – SNL Haunted Elevator with David Pumpkins. Any Questions?

Its a hundred floors of fright,
And it’s the scariest ride ever!
It started off nice and tame,
With the bride that hung herself,
And the place that serves your
Head as the day’s special,
But all of that changed
When David Pumpkins came on the ride.
A hundred floors of fright,
With David Pumpkins
And his two boney sidekicks,
And he promised to scare the hell out of us.
At first we thought he was lame,
With a stupid dance routine,
Ending with him asking “Any Questions?”
But that was when we found out,
Seventy-three of the one hundred floors
Contained him in some form.
I will say this for him,
He lived up to his promise,
And scared the hell out of me.
Any Questions?

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