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A collection of various short stories and poetry.
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Harry Houdini's Last Trick
Day 13 - Houdini died on October 31, 1926 - 90 years ago today. It is well known that Houdini held a fascination with life after death. He often held seances and talked about coming back to visit friends after he died. Imagine you are holding a seance and call forth Harry Houdini. Write a poem or short story about the seance, what happens, and what Harry Houdini has to say. You can do research or you can totally make something up. But whatever you do, make it good!!!

A group of friends gathered
Around an old Ouija board
To try and summon
The greatest Magician of them All.
They soon heard a voice,
And it told them thus,
“I’m Harry Houdini,
And I’ll prove I’m the best,
With the greatest trick of them all.
I need a volunteer,
And the lovely lady
Looks like she’ll do,
As a Magician always needs a co-star.”
The lady found herself on the stage somehow,
And that was when things
Got real strange.
A set of curtains dropped around her,
And when they lifted,
She was still there.
Then the door slammed shut,
And there was Harry Houdini himself.
“I’m glad you came to see me.
But I must request,
That you let me return to my rest.”
The door sprang open,
And the friends dashed out,
But as for the lady,
She left with a kiss.
“Thank you for your participation.
I hope you enjoyed the show.”

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