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Setting Humpty Dumpty up for the Big Fall
President Trump is about to be tested by the Crazies in the Middle East.

The Military and State Department will once again leave the poor guy hanging out to dry.

These two huge bureaucracies suffer from a dearth of imagination. The only way they learn is to have the proverbial shaft, shoved up their asses and broken off.

Allow me to predict what will soon happen, not that having "Told You So" will be any consolation.

An Embassy or CIA Annex will again be attacked and the hostages used as pawns on the international propaganda stage. Only this time the stakes will be much higher.

Does anyone remember how that Palestinian girl danced gleefully on National News as the Twin Towers came crashing down? Does anyone recall that Jordanian fighter pilot doused with gasoline and set on fire in a cage. Imagine if you will a clutch of State Department employees huddled together and put to the torch as the Muslim extremists twirl about dancing with joy. And what do you think President Trump will be left with, as far as options,when DOD and the State Department shrug and give the Polish Salute? "Duh!" you will hear, "Who would have ever expected that to happen?"

In fairness these two agencies probably learned something from Benghazi but not much. The Military hates the State Department and considers them a bunch of left wing loonies who firmly believe that talking about problems is all it takes to achieve a perfect world. The State Department thinks that the Military is a bunch of Neo-Nazi's for whom force is the only option..These mind sets will prove fatal in the next couple years. President Trump will be left standing with nothing in hand but his "You know what." It will be the Iranian Embassy Takeover played out once more at an elevated level of horror.

What did we learn from Benghazi? Has the United States really come to realize the importance of "BACKUP? Any police department could teach both these agencies volumes about its importance and how it works. The Military is still fighting WW2 with a little Korea and Vietnam sprinkled in. The Gulf Wars were an aberration of sorts which gave the military an opportunity to relearn the Lessons of Vietnam... Improvised Explosive Devices are a good example. Most of our casualties in Vietnam came form IED's. Our vehicles were Death Traps. No surprise there... we knew that ten years before the Iraq wars and did nothing about it. The Iranians came up with a cheap detonator and today we have a host of veterans hopping around as a grim reminder of our inability to learn from the past.

The point I'm making is that we are once again setting ourselves up by making the same dumb mistakes all over again...only this time the stakes will be much higher.

DOD is great at writing contingency plans that are unworkable. they are so out of touch with reality that nobody in their right mind would consider implementing them. It takes months to ever get them off the ground. These plans languish on some forgotten computer disk and exist only for the purpose of saying that we have one. Benghazi is a great example of how ill prepared we are for the type of conflicts we will face in this century.

The State Department and CIA looked to contractors to provide the security for their annex's and Embassy. It was clear to them that inviting DOD to be a part of that effort was impractical. They were right. Involving the military meant giving up some control of their destiny, something they are loath to do, but even if they did our Defense Department was too ponderous and slow moving to ever be of much good. It might be heresy for me to say this but DOD does not live up to the billing that most citizens have from watching the movies.

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