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Warmth Of Summer, Top 10 Movies
Blog City Prompt: "What good is the warmth of summer without the cold of winter to give it sweetness." John Steinbeck What is your take on this?

We have the cold and the snow and we suffer through the winter and seeing the first robin of the season and warmth. Yes, we made it! You appreciate the warm weather and don't take it for granted. Summer is beautiful. The winter was rough but it makes you realize how sweet summer is and it is worth waiting for. You could kiss the ground and the cute little robin! Winter isn't sweet but summer is and you are glad to see spring and summer. Grandma always said you have to take the bitter with the sweet. Grandma was right. The cold of winter does give sweetness to the summer.

BCOF Prompt: Make a list of your 10 favorite movies and do they have a common theme?

You asked for it, Lyn! Here goes:

1. The Twilight Saga Movies

I love romance, vampires, the woods, scenery, Native Americans and werewolves. I was like Bella growing up. I was an only child and who wouldn't want the Cullen Family to adopt you? They care about humans even though they are vampires. Jacob and Edward. I would have chosen Jacob but by the last movie, I would have chosen Edward. They had all those cool vampire friends. The Twilight movies are my favorite!

2. "Titanic"

I love the ocean, Jack and Rose and I felt so sorry for all those people who were on the Titanic. That ice berg still gives me chills. I was upset when Jack died. I cried. I have watched it over 100 times and I still cry. I enjoyed the dolphins and Eric Braden played John Astor and I love Eric. The drama, emotions and that beautiful ship being at the bottom of the ocean. The ending where old Rose dies and is reunited with Jack. I sometimes have to decide which is my favorite: "Twilight" or "Titanic"?

3. Star Wars Movies

I am not a big fan of Sci Fi but I love these movies. Luke, Yoda, Darth Vadar, Princess Leia, R2D2, C3PO. I just enjoy all this space drama.

4. Pirates of the Caribbean

Captain Jack Sparrow, Johnny Depp and pirates. Pirates are a favorite with me. I love the high seas. These pirates are colorful and I adore the little monkey.

4. Pretty In Pink

A teen-age movie. Who doesn't remember dating, going to the Prom and guys like Ducky and Blane and snobs like Seth? Being in school with these kind of people. Reminds me of my high school years. A heart warming romance and when Blane tells Andy he loves her in the end and Ducky tells Andy to go after him, I cry and adore a happy ending.

5. Steel Magnolias

Heart touching. Women gossiping, being friends and being there for each other through weddings and a funeral. A grumpy old lady and her dog and everyone fears her and dislikes her. There is romance to go around and comedy as well.

6. Jane Austen Movies

I love Regency romance and I am all hung up on Jane Austen and Darcy and England. These are a favorite with me. Jane knows how to write a good romance.

7. The Holiday

Two women exchange houses and find new romances. The one woman {Cameron Diaz} stays at a cottage in England and Kate Winslet's character lives in LA for 2 weeks and these women appreciate each other's lives and find happiness. The cottage in England I would love to have. When do I move in?

8. North and South

I fell in love with Patrick Swayze and I enjoy reading about the Civil War. This has a lot of action and drama and includes the war scenes as well as romance. Patrick Swayze was handsome and my favorite. Johnny Depp is now.

9. Gone With The Wind

Scarlet O'Hara. You have to admire her and how she survived the war and found out she really loved Rhett Butler instead of Ashley. The scenery is beautiful. The ending makes you cry. Scarlet's little girl gets killed, her best friend does and she realizes she really loved Rhett and wished she never loved Ashley. A heart warming movie.

10. Alice In Wonderland Movies with Johnny Depp

I love Johnny Depp and I see Alice in a whole new light. I enjoy the fantasy and wish I could go there. Alice became a captain of her father's ship and proved it isn't just a man's world . Fantasy and imagination are everything. Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter. He is just handsome, no matter what!

I forgot to mention "Breakfast At Tiffanys." I loved Audrey Hepburn. The romance in this movie is so sweet and when Holly and her boyfriend are looking for her cat in the rain and find him, I cry as she and her boyfriend kiss holding the cat. Audrey done a beautiful job of singing "Moon River." The comedy in this movie is so cute.

There you have it. Theme? I love romance, fantasy and women count. I am also a fan of vampires and maybe I do have a fascination for outer space. I do like things out of this world!

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