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May 1, 2014
It is Thankful Thursday, so I need to come up with ten things I am thankful for receiving or having this week. I usually list the same ten things every week, but this week I want to put something new on the list. I also want to leaves some of the usual things on the list because those are thing I am always grateful for having in my life. However, if everything on the list is new that is alright as well.

What am I grateful for this week? 1. My sister. 2. Baha'u'llah. 3. Writing.co. 4. Coffee. 5. 750 words. 6.... I am stuck! I can only think of five things for my gratitude list and I need more then that. A thankful Thursday gratitude list should contain a minimum of ten items. It can contain more, but it need to have ten. I suppose if I keep writing I will think of the other five.

I think I need to go to the bank this afternoon because my sister sent me a check that I have to deposit. I was sick all night because of something I ate, but I don't know what it was. I am a bit leery of going out without eating, but I am not sure about eating either. This was the third day in a row that I was sick in the evening, but felt good the next morning. I know it is something I am eating, but I cannot figure out what. I drink some chocolate milk on Monday which could have caused the problem then, but that could not have caused the issue Tuesday and Wednesday.

Last night I had the dry heaves, which I did not experience on Monday and Tuesday night. I also had the dry heaves sometime in February, but I thought it was because I kept the apartment too cold and caught a bug that was going around. I drink some ginger ale last night, but I do not see how that could have caused me to want to throw up. The dry heaves did not start until about 10:00 pm, so I do not think it was the ginger ale; I do not know what caused the problem. If this keeps up I will have to call my doctor, but it takes time to go to her office and then see her. I am in the process of attempting to finish the unpacking from moving into this apartment in February.

I do not like going to doctors. It has nothing to do with the time it takes. The problem I have with doctors is that they always find something wrong. The kidney doctor put me on two different diets (1) a low potassium and (2) a low purin (it has something to do with gout) diet. I now have to coridinate two different diet plans into one. Maybe the problem had to do with what I was eating. I read on the labels, but I did not check the food website that shows the ingredients of foods before I purchased the soup. Maybe I will just eat a piece of watermelon today while the chick is cooking.

Maybe it is the way I am cooking my food, but I do not see how that could be since I have used a microwave to cook everything in for years and it normally does not cause me any problems. I think I must have ate something with fat in it because I did not eat anything with excessive salt. I have said for years that getting old is not for wimps, but it may be for nerds or foodies because I have gotten more of an education about food since I turn 50 then I ever wanted to know.

I think I will put the celery soup with the last chicken leg quarter in the microwave and cook it. I will take the skin off this time instead of eating the skin of the chicken like I normally do. That could have cause part of the problem on Monday or Tuesday night, but not on Wednesday. Come to think of it I have another pill to take today.

I took my thyroid table this morning about 6:00 am, but I have not take the other pill yet because I prefer to wait at least an hour after the thyroid table to take the other pill. I know the problem cannot be the pain pills because I have not taken any of those since I got the perscription.

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