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May 3, 2014
I got behind in my review goals on writing.com this week. The reason for this is that I am participating in a writing and reviewing exercise called the Game of Thrones. The review have to be at least 1,000 characters (letters) long. I did four of those reviews on Thursday (May 1) and another five on Friday (May 2), which was all I could do with the other writing I had to complete.

I decided to change my reviewing goals for the rest of May from five to four, which will help me meet the goal; all though, I think the idea of a goal is to stretch oneself. The long reviews do stretch me and make me mentally tired. I also got behind on some of my responses to a blogging group on writing.com. Today I caught up on both the reviews and the prompt responses. I am not feeling as stressed or mentally tired today as I was on Thursday and Friday, maybe it is the knowledge that I do not have to do any more long reviews until Friday, May 9; I am not sure why I am felling less stressed today.

I know that something has changed in my life. I have felt this for a couple of weeks now, but I am not sure what has changed. Perhaps its my attitude or the fact that I am relaxing from moving out of the house into a studio apartment. I still have things to worry about, such as the power bill and the cost of the Internet connection. Those things do not seem to worry me. I still have to find some items I need to put off paying the student loan and to get help with the power bill. I hope I will find them. I looked in one place I thought the were, but I did not find them. Perhaps they are in one of the desk drawers.

I am in the process of going through papers I brought with me from the house. Maybe I should put the stuff I started to go through away and go through the desk drawer. I think I should be a bit more worried then I am, but maybe I am only worried because I am not worried. That sounds silly, but it would make a good blog entry. I wonder how many people out there in cyberspace or in the real world are worried because they are not worried.

I turned the cool air on about 11:00 am because the temperature outside rose above 90 degrees. I do not know if it was a good idea or not, but it is done and the air is on. I am cool. My computer is cool. My pet rocks are cool. I think that would make a good blog entry as well. Writing this I can think of numerous blog entries, but when I sit down to compose the entries I forget or cannot find anything to write about.

Perhaps I am taking the wrong approach to the blog entries. Maybe I should take another approach. Maybe I should stop worrying and enjoy writing. I do enjoy writing, even when I rant I enjoy writing. Writing is the only thing that I really enjoy anymore. I need to get out of the house. I need to make some jello because I have several cans of mixed fruit and several boxes of jello. I think I will make a bowl of jello this afternoon that would go will with my iced coffee.

It is getting warm and I am changing from hot coffee to iced coffee, but I am trying something different this year. Normally, I freeze my leftover coffee so that I can have coffee ice cubes for my iced coffee, but this year I will use regular water ice cubes for my coffee. This is because I have switched to a strong grind of coffee.

My hands or rather my finger joints are hurting again. I think it is arthritis. They are not hurting so bad that it is interfering with typing, but the do hurt or rather ache. I know this is something I will have to get used to; after all, I am 67 years old and somethings come with age. That does not mean I cannot enjoy life or anything else, it just means I have to be a bit more cautious about what I do and what I eat. That is all right. That is life.

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