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May 4, 2014
It's Sunday morning, May 4, and the day got off to a slow start. I managed two blog entries, but I don't seem to want to do anything else. I'm still behind on one thing I should I completed on Friday. I will have to finish that, but I don't want to do it. In fact, I don't want to do much of anything this morning.

I don't even want to fantasize which is unusual because I normally do that without even thinking about it. I just go into my fantasy work and that's it for getting anything accomplished during the day. I don't want to do reviews either and I need to do at least four or I will get behind on this week's review goal and it's so hard to catch up when I'm behind.

Perhaps I'm just tired this morning from everything that went on during the previous week. I didn't check my mail yesterday, so when I take the trash out today I will have to stop at the mailbox to see if I got any bills or junk mail. When I go out to the trash, I have to take some of the fliers I received last week. I haven't looked at them and I didn't look at them when I went to the grocery store on Thursday. There isn't any use looking at them because I seldom if ever use any coupons they contain.

Writing this is a struggle this morning, but if I don't write I won't have any chance of accomplishing my word count goal today. Last Sunday, I fell short of the goal; which is something I do about once a week. Despite that I raised my word count goal for this week. The goal is to write between 2,000 and 3,000 words per day. I decided to do this because when I do accomplish this goal, I normally write more then 2,000 words.

I don't seem to want to do anything this morning. I think I need to say some more prayers and fix myself something to eat. That may help motivate me today. I can write without being motivated, but I prefer motivation when I write. Maybe I should start rewarding myself when I accomplish a goal or when I write even if I'm not motivated. I wonder why my left wrist aches when I type or do anything else.

The left hand is the one I use to open the car door. The car door won't open from the inside, so I have to roll down the window, stick my left hand out, and open the door. I suspect I sprung my wrist doing this and my wrist will just have to heal because I can't stop typing. If I do stop then I won't accomplish my writing goal today. Perhaps I need to get off line, eat something, and make a list of things I have to do this week. One thing I have to do today is take the canned goods out of the cupboard and put them in a large plastic container until the handyman comes and fixed the silverware drawer so that I can open it.

I also need to call Tom today. I called Frank on Friday and I need to call Tom today. I'll talk to Faye tomorrow even if she does come into Las Vegas. Perhaps part of my problem today is that I'm tired. I seem to want to fall asleep while I'm writing this. I can't fall asleep now because my head will go down on the key board and I'll drool on the keys. It's not a good idea to drool on ones keyboard.

I don't know what's wrong, but I do know I have now ambition this morning and I'm just pushing myself to do what I have to do or think I have to do. I know I have to put a light in the bathroom because that one is burned out and it's difficult to take a bath in the dark. I would be easier if I didn't have such a wild imagination, but then my wild imaginatiion is part of my creativity. Despite the fact that I really don't care this morning if my fingers spell a word right or not.

As soon as I finish here I have to get me another cup of iced coffee and then fix me something to eat. Maybe part of my problem is that I didn't do dishes last night and I had to do them this morning.

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