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When I wish not write, I come here. To relieve my thoughts.
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Learning is Key
! < 3

Hello Readers,
For once, my Blog update comes early. He he, One of these days, I will find ‘Organization’ in my “Life”. Until then, I will remain free muah ha ha.
I have a lot of writing to do, and much to catch up on as well as more to “Flow”, into the world. This update has multiple purposes. For one, I need to write a personal letter, soon. I am not certain, how this letter will be received.

Up to this point, I have lived, Been Destroyed, Now I live again. Though, many would not call my current ‘existence’ “Living”. I do understand why, I also understand why anything to do with me, is more attractive than feeding the starving, creating homes for those without. I understand why it is easier to look in my direction, ready to hurl stones.

Besides My Letter, to Someone I care for. This “Rest Area” of thought, is a pool for several to come drink from. It is not a fountain of youth, perhaps a puny pool with some ‘breadcrumbs’. For those who are learning more, at their own pace. I am often asked “What Abilities do you have” or “What skills do you feel you know”, with many variants to the same question.

My Answer to these:
“I have every Ability known to exist. Plus the ones, unknown to most. HOWEVER, I can not access them all, without destroying who I am, here today. To make it easier to understand. As the world progresses, I too. Can progress. We all have these abilities. I am able to 'keep it together' ... so far.

That is why I am here. I have always known this. It was My "awakening" that had shown me everything. This is also where I gained the understanding. Of why "Knowledge" is hidden. If we learn to quickly = catastrophic failure. With that being said, I feel comfortable Speaking with you. You are but one of four people, I have shared this with. (Now I share with the world*** Edit)

Key for me, is remember to stay grounded, while also, being aware of the Universe's role. It will give us everything we ask of it, and it will let us destroy ourselves, if we do not listen.”

I won’t quote here as I do not remember the entire quote. I will find it again one day. A Cambridge Professor, and true genius. Once said something to the effect of: If One can understand the laws of the Universe …. There is more to the quote and that is all I remember of it.

I understand the “Laws of the Universe”. We all should, but we don’t. Today, I would only be guessing why we don’t. Educated guess or not, is only a guess. I have seen enough ‘Positive Affirmations’, and events unfold before my own eyeballs, to know. We not only create our own realities. We create our own hells also.

Taking a dream, and making it real. Sounds like the things of Fantasy. Maybe they are. Maybe that is why when we are in love. We reach deep into our partners Wildest Dreams, and we pull out what we are capable of creating.

Fear, is one thing we forget about, especially when we are in an ‘evolved’ state or status. When we have the proper alignment, and the Universe is Manifesting for us, our deepest desires. Who remembers that one eerie thought they had. While “creating” their dreams. I don’t want to get into much detail on any particular subject.

I do have much on my mind, and little ways to direct my Positive flow at the moment. My heads not clear, I am not “over thinking”, I think I am “over tasking”. Over thinking to me, is dwelling on a subject or set of circumstances. Whereas Over tasking, is trying to do too many things, and expecting them all to be complete about the same time.

***Big Distraction***

As I return, I will try to continue without reviewing, what I was writing. As my Three Readers know (I love you ALL)! *Heart* I tend to continue, or push forward, through distractions and other things that tend to pull us away from our reading/writing. See this ‘Distraction’ is technically not a distraction to me, I deal with certain “elements” on a daily basis.

I used the term distraction, as this is a blog entry, and in this entry alone, some may take notice. My Flow had been ‘altered’ in some way. I usually don’t point them out, the distractions. I do at times though.

I think I will review briefly, to make sure I didn’t leave any “open ended” points I may have wanted to make. I am also eager to wrote a letter, to someone of Great Importance to me. I do not know if they are aware how much they actually mean to me. Which is fine, I do not know how I affect their thoughts, if I do at all. I will add, I feel as though, everything. Is as it should be.

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