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Gratitude breaks the spell of Writers Block
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At the Beginning of a New Week: July 23-29, 2017
Jamál (Beauty), 12 Kalimát (Words) 174 Badi - Sunday, July 23, 2017 CE

"Fear not: I am come into this world to bear witness to the glory of sacrifice. The drops of this consecrated blood will be the seed out of which will arise the mighty Tree of God, the Tree that will gather beneath its all-embracing shadow the peoples and kindreds of the earth. Grieve not, therefore, if I depart from this land, for I am hastening to fulfill My destiny."
The Báb1

The "mighty Tree of God", the Bab was referring to grows stronger each day. Across the planet Baha'is are nurturing that tree with their acts of kindness and material sacrifice. The Baha'i in Iran, the cradle of the Faith, are in prison and have had their livelihoods taken away because they are Baha'is. The Baha'i youth, in Iran, are forbidden to attend college because of their faith. Instead of renouncing their faith in Baha'u'llah, the Baha'is of Iran continue with their daily lives as best they can.

It's a new week, so I need to review my accomplishments of last last week. I cleaned off and straightened the wooden television stand by my computer desk. I also completed several poem in "Bicentenary Poems and Prose, while adding some new ideas. I think I'll have to put one idea on the back burner for a while because I can seem to find any information on the person. I'll change that idea to someone or something else. I have 84 ideas for poems with Poems 1 to 48, 57, 59, 62, 75, 76, 78, and 79 completed. I have to complete Poems 49 to 56, 58, 60, 61, 63 to 74, 77, and 80 to 84. I can't seem to find anything on Bahíyyih Khánum, so I'm going to change that idea to something else.

Bahíyyih Khánum

"Something greater than forgiveness she had shown in meeting the cruelties and strictures in her own life. To be hurt and to forgive is saintly but far beyond this is the power to comprehend and not be hurt."
Excerpt from A Tribute to Bahíyyih Khánum by Marjorie Morten in The Bahá’í World, 1932-1934, Page 181-185

I feel rushed, so I think the best thing to do is just take a deep breath, say some prayers, review, and attempt to finish some of the poem in "Bicentenary Poems and Prose. Fortunately, I won't be writing an entry for "Around the World in Fifty-Two Weeks until around the end of August because I'm participating in "Game of Thrones. I still have to finish cleaning out the red box by the printer and I should see what I can do with some of that stuff in my bedroom. Not that I sleep in there because I sleep on a recliner in the living room, but at least my back doesn't hurt and the swelling in my legs goes down at night.

Goals for the Week of 23-29, 2017
Posted on "Weekly Goals for 7/24/17-7/28/17

*Box* Finish, at least, five of the unfinished poem in "Bicentenary Poems and Prose.
         As of today, those poems are: 49 to 56, 58, 60, 61, 63 to 74, 77, and 80 to 84.
*Box* Finish entry for "Rhythms & Writing: Official WDC Contest.
*Box* Review a minimum of four items each day with, at least, one written by a newbie.

1  Bahái Words for July 23, 2017.

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