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Lost in the Castle - Quatrain Poem
Lost in the castle one day,
I try, but can't find my way,
Frantic and forlorn, I wander,
Where's the exit, over yonder?

Frustrated and upset, I sit,
It's a maze, no doubt about it,
I dreamt this, now it come true,
Out this window is a great view.

Will I find my way out? Tt's unsure,
Running in circles seems to ensure,
Lost for good, I'll die here instead,
Coming here proves I'm in over my head.

Help me, anyone! Show me the way out,
"King, Queen? Anyone?" I begin to shout,
I'm losing my mind, I can't stand it,
"I'm lost in this castle alone," I admit.

I weep, I yell, until a friendly old gent,
Took my hand, and the exit he presented,
I thanked him kindly, he then disappeared,
Into thin air, "Who was that man?" I revered.

I'm free! I romp, and dance about with glee,
Thinking I saw my guardian angel, so happy,
I sit in my car, reflecting on the powers that be,
This is my castle to explore, and I turn the key.

24 lines
Quatrain poem
181 Words
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