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The Monday Blahs
Monday blahs, or coming down with something? The day started out fine and normal, but it began to deteriorate quite rapidly. I was up pretty early and enjoyed coffee with my wife before she left for work. Then, it was a bit of work to get done, with colder weather I needed to fax in some clothing orders for everyone. Once this was finished, it was time to do a Bible study.

Normally, once I finish my Bible study, I eat lunch and then work on various other things until it's time for work. One of the things I do is log into WdC and spend a little time around the site, then write in my blog. But yesterday things started going afoul shortly after my bible study.

My stomach was a bit upset and I didn't feel like eating, so I logged into WdC and started browsing about. That's when my head started aching. No problem, I took a couple of Tylenol and figured that would take care of things. Nope, the headache continued to increase to the point of not being able to do anything. Also, my slightly upset stomach became a very upset stomach. On top of that, I found myself cold and shivering.

Normally, I like it a bit cooler, being more comfortable with the air a little too chill instead of too warm. It was a chilly day, and it was cool in the house, just the way I like it. But not Monday; I put on a sweatshirt to overcome the chill and sat back in my recliner with a blanket over me. I sipped on a glass of fruit juice only to have it upset my stomach even more as I continued to shiver. Only one thing left to do, since I was feeling very ill and my head was pounding fiercely, take a nap.

I snuggled into a pile of blankets and closed my eyes, hoping the quiet and darkness would ease my throbbing head. I was also hoping that after a little snooze, I would wake to have my stomach settled and headache gone. Nope. I did fall asleep and slept for an hour and a half, but woke feeling just as miserable about the time I should be getting ready for work.

I got up, sipped on some coffee, covered up with a comforter and waited for the furnace to take the chill off. I sent a text off to my wife, at work, and told her I would be running a bit late, since I was feeling so miserable. Being the kind soul that she is, she offered to stay at work and cover my shift so I could rest and get feeling better.

Even with the heat on, the house at a nice toasty seventy degrees, me in a sweatshirt and covered with a heavy and very warm comforter, I was freezing and shivering. I had not eaten anything and I had not yet fed Hannah. Since I had a tuna-fish sandwich in the fridge for my lunch at work, I decided to eat a little of it and share with her. Only, she didn't want any and I ate the entire sandwich only to have it upset my stomach more.

I did suffer through fixing her something else to eat before getting a bottle of ginger-ale from the fridge and settling back into my chair. I watched a couple of videos until Rhonda got home from work, then was going to drag my miserable butt off to bed. she suggested a glass of 7-up with some brandy in it.

Now, with my head still pounding and my stomach rumbling and hurting, 7-up didn't sound all too good, even though I knew it could settle things down some. But to drink any brandy? No way was that going to settle on my upset gut. Of course, I did know that a little brandy is often good for the digestive system, but the way I was feeling, I wasn't sure. Rhonda, being of kind heart, also reminded me that  little brandy may help, and the 7-up would do me good.

Well, feeling like crap anyway, I decided I would try it. You know, just a sip here and there and see how it goes. Surprise, surprise, it went down pretty well, and even though the first few sips didn't seem to help any, they didn't' make things any worse, either. By the time I had sipped down about half of my glass, my stomach was feeling a bit better. By the time I finished it, I was feeling a whole lot better.

My stomach was still upset, but it was no longer a sharp ache and my head seemed to be throbbing a little less. Rhonda poured us another glass and I sipped away on it until we finished watching our show. With a half another half a glass down, I was feeling even better. My stomach was still a bit uneasy and I didn't think eating anything would be good, but it was doing so much better. Also, my headache had let up to just a minor throbbing that I could pretty well ignore. By the time I finished my second drink I was getting too warm under the comforter and tossed it aside. The sweat shirt also had to go, just too many cloths on. I was finally not cold and no longer shivering as I got myself ready for bed.

I slept well and woke this morning without the headache and just a very slight bit of discomfort in my stomach. After I finish writing in here, I'm going to have a light lunch and see if it's just not due to the fact that I haven't eaten anything more than one sandwich since Sunday.

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