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A love story
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Musical Heart Strings
My love is a music teacher and music is where we first met, in the high school band when I was a freshman. I decided to write this poem though everything between us is currently fine, I think this poem rings true to any relationship whether long distant or living in the same house. It doesn't really flow, nor have a typical rhyme scheme but it is what I wrote while listening to my heart sing. I hope you enjoy it!

Most of the time, your sweet words glide smoothly over my heartstrings like a bow over a violin.
But every once in a while, you start to pluck at my strings like you are playing the mandolin.
Whether it is a gentle pull or a near string breaking pop, sometimes things you do cut deep.
It is times like these when I would give anything to be beside you and hold you while you sleep.
I know that you love me and I love you, those two facts are undeniably true.
And when the music in my heart sounds sharp and distorted, I still only want to be with you.
Whatever happens between us, I have one simple request.
Don’t pluck so hard that you break my heartstrings, please try your best.
For there’s something you should know about a musical heart,
without every instrument doing its part,
The song that it plays is often sad and depressing.
You don’t want to be the cause of this I’m guessing.
I don’t write these words to make you feel bad.
I just want you to know the effects your words had.
As long as your mine and I am yours,
My heartstrings will continue to sing those sweet chords.

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