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The Raven's Nest...

Barry stumbled over a discarded empty soup can.
"Pick up your trash!" he shouted.
His two wives laughed...
He tossed the can into a box of empty cans.

"How long have we been in this dump?" Barry asked.
Elana yawned, "A few months."
"Do you want to leave?" she smirked.
"Jesus, no. There's no life outside." Barry sighed.

"There might be. Radiation levels can drop quickly."
Karen interjected, "I saw it in a documentary."
Karen had worked at a used DVD, music store.
She had viewed many post apocalyptic survival films.

She liked to walk about the military bunker in her rainbow socks.
"It's a miracle we found this place before the bombs .." she said gaily.
"Who knew there would be a sneak attack?" Barry rubbed Karen's pregnant belly.
Elana liked to walk about nude, "Let's have sex in the President's bedroom."

Barry chuckled, "I bet he wished he had made it to the bunker."

Reflections~ "Lord, thou art able by the weakest means to humble the pride
of thy enemies; defeat these multitudes by an army of gnats." Saint James, Bishop of Syria ..
He died in 350ad after a Persian siege was driven off by a cloud of gnats..


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