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It's about adventure! Life, Scouting, Family, writing what else is there?
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Did the Dog Days of August start early??

I feel like doing nothing but laying on the asphalt and panting. I'm serious. It's soooo damn *Fire* *Fire* *Fire*.

That said the modern definition of "dog days" is where it's so hot, not even dogs want to do anything. They just want to lie around, stay cool and drink water. However, this expression has been with us since the ancient Greeks and Romans and it had nothing to do with dogs as pets. Dog Days occurred when Sirius, the Dog star, rose right before the sun in late July. These days were (and are) typically known as the hottest days of the year. As with the passage of time, the phrase has taken on some interesting meanings, but I think it always come back to the original meaning: These are the hottest days of the year.

I know, I know, I live in SoCal. I should be used to these days being the hottest days of the year. Yeah, I am, but that still doesn't mean they ain't HOT!! 100 ain't no joke. Thank goodness my vacay ended in mid July and I'm back to work in my Air Conditioning building.

That said what do you do to stay cool? Drink cool water? Go swimming? Go see a movie? Go to the beach? Play in a sprinkler. I'm entertaining ALL ideas!! So far, I've staying in the AC, went to see a couple of movies and drank cool water. Planning a trip to Hurricane Harbor next week.


Good news! Night of Magic has been accepted by Prairie Rose Publishing. I'm very excited. 2 of my stories have found a home. I've managed to update the front page of my website but I have more updates to do. Still need to find time to write and do a little reading. I'd like to catch up my product reviews here at WDC, but I'm pleased with what I've done so far.


Just finished prepping my Romance/Love NL which is due out next Wednesday. I thought I'd talk about Romance Awareness Month. What are the little gestures you do to keep the romance alive?

I'm looking forward to WDC's birthday. I can't believe the site will be 18 years old! I'm really appreciative of the opportunities the site offers to challenge one's writing.

National Night out is usually a big Police Community thing. Most Police departments arrange a "fun" night to share with the community. Since I work for LAPD and I'm a liaison to Pacific Division, I helped staff a table to talk about when to call 911. I always enjoy going out and supporting. Did anyone attend their National Night Out? I hope to post pictures soon.


It seems like the whole damn state is on fire. Thankfully I am not in one of the affected areas, but still. It's disheartening to see the forest and trees burn up. I love nature. I love the crisp, clean smell of trees and lakes, and fish.

One of my favorite places to go in August is Camp Whitsett. It's a boy scout camp in the Sequoia national forest. It's about 4 hours north of were I live. They usually have a Cub/Family weekend the 3rd weekend of August. Cub Scouts and their families go for the weekend for a ton of scouting fun to include arts and crafts, cub grub, archery, and bb guns. I started going when my youngest was a Tiger cub in the first grade. Now that he's a boy scout, we don't have a reason to go. I'm hoping to get up there and be on staff. I'm a Range Safety Officer and I helped with bb guns last year. Back in 2016, they had to cancel the Cub Family weekend because there was a fire about 20 miles away. Thankfully, it didn't get the camp, but I was bummed out.

The boys are all registered at school. I am looking forward for school to start up again as I don't think too much idle time for the boys is good.

Smiles and Water bottles for all!

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