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A book about the adventures of the people of Callah
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The Pirates and the Leprechaun
On a bright, sunny day in the land of Callah a pirate ship landed on the beach. The crew of pirates were there looking for gold. They had travelled far with no success in their hunt.

The captain, known as Long Nose the Pirate, instructed his crew to search the forests and caves of Callah and take any gold they cold find. Long nose dragged his large bulk across the dense forests and wished for more shade as they searched.

A great cry rang out, “Cave, sir! I see a cave!”.

When Long Nose looked, Peggy the Pirate was trying to balance on his wooden leg as he wildly waved his hands. Long Nose ordered his men to follow him as he ran to where Peggy was.

Sure enough, there stood a large cave. The dark opening yawned ominously.

“Men!” Long Nose shouted, “Into the cave!”

“There is gold here”, a whiny voice behind him said, “and for answering just a few questions you can have it all.”

Long Nose looked around, and standing there was the ugliest little man he had ever seen. From what Long Nose had heard in tales this was definitely a leprechaun. The little man had a scrunched up face like he had just tasted a lemon. His green outfit ended in buckled shoes. His wart-filled face grinned in an evil way.

“Who do I have the pleasure of speaking to?” Long Nose asked in a curious way.

“The name be Biddy the Leprechaun,” Biddy took off his hat and bowed, “At your service, sir.”

“You said you have gold,” Long Nose said.

“I do indeed. Here in the depths of this cave,” Biddy answered.

“And all I have to do is answer some questions?” asked Long Nose.

“Correct,” said Biddy with a chuckle.

Long Nose gathered his crew around him and explained the situation. They all agreed that this would be easier than what they had been doing to find gold.

“Biddy. Ask away,” said Long Nose.

Biddy stood with his hands behind his back and intoned:

What kisses your nose
And tickles your cheek
But does not let you hold it?

The pirates looked peered at each other questioningly. They had no idea what the answer was. Finally, a booming voice said, “I know what it is. The air.” When Long Nose looked the answer had come from Red whose long red beard framed a delighted smile.

Long Nose looked at Biddy, and the Leprechaun nodded. “Two more to go,” he said.

Again the little man stood with his hands behind his back:

What has bark without any bite,
And reaches for the sun without any sight?

The pirates all chuckled. This answer had come easier. Almost in unison they all said “A Tree!”

Biddy’s blue eyes darkened, and a frown further screwed up his already ugly face. Long Nose thought he had not expected this.

“You still have one more question. I’ll bet you don’t get this one,” Biddy said slyly.

Long Nose put his hands on his hips and grinned over his shoulder to his men. He nodded and Biddy put his hands behind his back again.

What shows it’s happy face in the sun,
But shows only anger when the clouds gather?

Long Nose roared with laughter. “We’ve got it little man! The Sea. That’s the answer you want.”

It was like a small hurricane had suddenly developed. Biddy stamped his feet. His scrunched up face nearly disappeared in the darkest glower that Long Nose had ever seen.

“You cheated!” he screamed,” You must have! How did you know that?!”

With a howl like a wolf Biddy turned around and fled into the woods. When he disappeared into the trees the pirates went into the cave and started carrying out the leprechaun’s gold. Their ship was laden with load after load.

The pirates sailed away from Callah dreaming about what they would do with their fortune.

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