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This collection is inspired by the daily prompts of our Newsfeed.
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Unknown Date - Whodunnit?
         “You look extremely delicious,” purred Mister Cat. He reached out to Mademoiselle Parrot’s tail feathers to feel their silkiness.
         “Don’t you dare,” shouted Parrot. Her shriek brought the attention of every noble to the scene. However, Mister Cat didn’t seem the least bit ashamed.
         “Come now, don’t be so reserved,” Mister Cat said. “Why not accept the compliment?”
         “Have you no shame?” scoffed Dog, Duke of Canine Bridge. “Your ‘compliment’ was more like a proposition; one that Mademoiselle Parrot doesn’t accept.”
         “Well then here’s my proposition to you,” Mister Cat hissed. “Meet me anywhere of your choosing, and we can have a duel of paws!”
         “In that case, meet me at the pier by Koi Lake,” Dog replied, a confident smile spreading across is muzzle. “The first one to fall into the lake will be the loser. I hope you can swim.”
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